{Otome Review} My Secret Pets!~Dogenzaka Lab {18+}

My Secret Pets follows the MC who just got dumped by her boyfriend. Once she comes home, she realizes that her pets have been turned into humans (except one).

General Information:

  • Where to get: Steam page
  • Cost: $16
  • Love Interests: Five (male)
  • Endings: Ten
  • First play through time: Roughly an hour
  • Time to get all endings: 6 hours (I can’t decide if this game was significantly shorter than most other Dogenzaka games, or if I was just so invested that I was reading it quicker)

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{Merchandise Review} Hatoful Boyfriend Plushies {AKA: My wallet is dead. Send help.}

So I was a backer for both of the Hatoful Boyfriend plushie Kickstarters. I have every plushie that is a different character, so I don’t have clothing variations (ex Ryouma’s maid plushie, Shu’s lab coat plushie, etc.).

General Information:

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{VN Review} My Magical Divorce Bureau!!~GB Patch Games

My Magical Divorce Bureau!! follows a nameless divorce paper…filler…outer? In this world, all marriages are valid, so people kidnap others and force them into marriage so much, a new department was created to solve it, the “Magical Divorce Bureau.”

General Information:

  • Where to get: itch.io page
  • Cost: The game is free
  • First play through time: It depends on the combinations you get and how easily you understand the logic
  • Time to get all endings: About an hour, but it depends on your luck with randomly generated routes

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{Otome Review} Imagine Makeup Artist~Ubisoft {DS}

You play as a makeup training, going to school to become a makeup artist and get a pro-license, though a better title for the game would be, “Imagine Makeup Artist: Scrub Dishes Since You’ll Never Make it Big.”

I don’t just make that title to be comical, I’m quite serious. In this game you have different makeup challenges where you have to do someone’s makeup, but since you don’t know anything, you have to go around town and ask people their opinion. Then, you do their makeup and get paid. But, doing makeup takes ends the day, so you can only do it once per day. The money you make from this can’t afford almost any of the clothes. You unlock various jobs around town, and the easiest one is being a dish washer. It’s just a rubbing game where you have to rub the stuff off of dishes, but if you play it on hard mode and are good at moving your hand really fast, you can make a bunch of money. Still, not enough though, so you have to do it a bunch. I am a dish washer, not a makeup artist.
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{Otome Review} Chocolate Cage~Spice@

Chocolate Cage follows Hana, a 3rd year high school student, as she casually makes chocolate on valentines day and may or may not give it to a guy.

General Information:

  • Japanese creator: Spice@ page
  • English patch: Twin Project page
  • Cost: Free
  • Love Interests: One (male)
  • Endings: Two plus After Story
  • First play through time: Around 15 minutes
  • Time to get all endings: Around 30 minutes

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{Hot Guy Hotline} List of Gadfly Characters and Descriptions

When you see a guy pick on or provoke someone else until they give a funny reaction, do you laugh along with the guy? Do you like flirty trash? Do you gravitate toward the guys who flirt with everyone, full-well knowing that they’re trash but you want some of dat anyway?

Then the Gadfly Guy is for you!

Still confused? Allow me to elaborate!

A Gadfly is a character who frequently does things or says things in order to provoke others, make others have a reaction the Gadfly finds funny, or just to pick on people for the heck of it. They are often the tease of the game and are flirty and sassy, making flirty jokes in order to provoke, etc. Most of the time they want attention and do Gadfly things in order for people to notice them. The Gadfly description often includes characters who are mischievous, manipulative, womanizers, players, sly, sarcastic, superficial, and sharp-tongued. (You can read more on the TvTropes page).

While there are a decent amount of Gadflys out there in the otome world, there aren’t as many as one would think. There are plentiful flirty guys in otome games, but since Gadflys require the provocation aspect, there aren’t as many of them.

But fear not! For I have compiled a list of all the Gadflys I have experienced/heard about, including brief descriptions of each and my thoughts on them so you can see who’s the right Gadfly for you!

Each character lists their game, the consoles the games are available on, if the game has an English version, links to the VNDB page for that character in hyperlink on their name (if applicable), and for indie games the game titles will have links to the store/download pages.

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