{Unboxing} Hakuoki Demon of the Fleeting Blossom Limited Edition {CD Review as well}

Does it annoy anyone else that they took a ‘u’ out of the title?

The box art looks nice, but would be very confusing for someone who does not know the plot. Speaking of the plot, the description on the box tells you ALMOST ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about the game. It is set in Japan, the main character’s name is Chizuru, *insert history lesson*, and Chizuru and the Shinsengumi are both looking for her father. Well, that’s helpful. The box advertises that there may be some supernatural things going on in Kyoto, but without more explanation, most people will just assume that they mean that there are ghosts. Good job box, now people think the game is about a girl and some samurai looking for her father while ghosts are doing something.

The limited edition box rehashed some of the pictures from the game’s actual box instead of taking two more screenshots. Also, I find it comical how the game lists ‘sexual content’ as part of the reason it is rated M, but there is hardly any romance in the game and over half of the game is played without being in a true relationship.

The music CD and the art book only come with the limited edition, along with the box. To its credit, the back of the limited box lists that a soundtrack and art book are included. The art book contains character profiles and different expressions for the main characters. It also includes pictures of most (maybe all, do not really feel like counting) of the CG’s available in the game. It also has some rough sketches for some of the CG’s as well.

Now, here is where I lost a lot of respect for the art book. If you are going to include an overall well made art book as one of the incentives to buy the limited edition, make sure that two OF THE CHARACTER’S DESCRIPTIONS ARE NOT THE SAME. This is probably Sannan’s description, but they used the same description for Itou as well. If it were a small typo, I would accept it, but no, that is not a small typo. (;¬_¬)

The CD comes with 12 tracks from the soundtrack of the game. The OP and ED were not included, but I honestly did not expect them to be. I always liked the Hakuouki soundtrack, so the CD was a nice addition to my collection.

Song List:

  1. Warriors of the Shinsengumi
  2. Sun-Dappled Afternoon
  3. Fading Light
  4. The Flickering Torch
  5. The March of Time
  6. Creatures of the Night
  7. A Tightened Rope
  8. The Wolves of MIbu
  9. Through a Darkened Sky
  10. Last Stand
  11. What Remains
  12. When the Blossoms Fall

The soundtrack includes pretty much all of the ambient music from the game.

Was the extra content worth the extra price? I bought mine from Amazon a while after the game came out, almost half a year. By then, the prices were almost the same anyway so sure, it was worth it. Even if the price was more, other than that one giant error in the art book, I would say that the limited version is worth the extra money so long as the price is not too high.


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