{Unboxing} Hakuoki Memories of the Shinsengumi Limited Edition {American Version}

In case you cannot tell, the box is not made very well and is kind of lopsided in the picture on the right.

Having played the first PSP Hakuouki game (and the Warrior one, but that is for another sad time), the main reason for me to get this game was the added stories, memories, the photo editor, and the bonus items that came with the game. Do not be fooled, that is basically all this game has going for it. It is just Demon of the Fleeting Blossom with some bonus content and surprisingly more save slots. A big tip off is the back of the box using CG’s from the first game. At least most of the CG’s were from early in the game so as to not spoil anything. The game box advertises itself about as well as the first game. Claiming that ‘supernatural’ things are going on will always give off the wrong impression. Most people do not immediately think “Oh, they must mean demons and blood thirsty half breeds” when they hear ‘supernatural’.

The game case and the limited box are essentially the same thing. The limited box lists the bonus stuff that comes with the limited version, but the pictures are the same ones they used on the game case itself. The game booklet looks really nice, but it is small (not that I expected it to be big given how a lot of games of recent do not even come with a manual). Unfortunately, I am one of those people who likes to try to keep the box from bending when I open it. With this box, you have to open it FROM THE TOP AND THE BOTTOM to get everything out. That is why I just left the bottom part out.

Now, what most people are waiting for, the bonus stuff that came with the limited edition.

The game came with a small artbook. It has some sketches of CG’s inside and some finished art as well. For some reason, my game came with some One Piece tissues in the box as well….I ordered it directly from Amazon so I have no idea why it came with those.

It also came with a very nice looking fan. All of the main six guys are on it, granted Saito looks not very…Saito-ie in his picture. All of the other characters look pretty normal (and I can never complain about Souji (〃・ω・〃))

The fan came in a bag/slip and actually easily fits back into it. The cloth fits back into its bag pretty easily as well so do not be afraid to take the things out of the bags to look at them.

The cloth-poster-towel-thing is a lot longer than you would expect. All of the drawings are like professional sketches (and Souji’s smirk is wonderful ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)) The cloth is pretty thin, but the edges are sewn thicker so you would have to put in some effort to rip it.

My biggest complaint about the product as a whole is that the cloth-poster-towel-thing is advertised and yet the cutting is TERRIBLE on it. Look at the picture above; the top of the cloth-poster-towel-thing is angled as well, but the bottom looked worse. Maybe it is just mine that is poorly cut, but still. That is not straight…at all.

Were the physical goodies worth essentially re-buying the same game just on another system? Yes and no. I pre-ordered it when it originally came out. I wound up buying this limited edition and Sweet Fuse for the necklace at the same time. Then, this version was not a whole lot more expensive, maybe $15 dollars max. I honestly do not remember. Now, the price of the limited edition has raised to be about what I paid for it and Sweet Fuse combined. Actually, you can buy the PS3 limited version Hakuouki game (with more content overall but without the extra little stories and photo booth) for less than the 3DS game. Unless someone was selling the limited edition for really cheap and you can snipe it in a bid, I am not sure if it is worth it. Now that you know what it comes with, you can make that decision. At the price I paid, I was able to accept it as a decent deal. I prefer playing visual novels on the PSP over the 3DS, but that is personal preference.

If you have a European 3DS/a way to play foreign games on your 3DS, there is a limited edition released in Britain and Europe that comes with a soundtrack and some 3Dish card thing that is selling for about the same price if not cheaper than the regular American version, but I heard that the translation is less accurate. That is just what I have heard though so just consider it as an option.

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