{Unboxing} Nameless The One Thing You Must Recall Limited Edition {CD Review as well}






I admit, I really like Cheritz’s games. I plan on always buying their boxed editions from now on. That leads me to their second game, Nameless. While I enjoyed Dandelion more, Nameless certainly has a lot to offer. The box cover has an air of mystery to it and only really makes sense after you have played the game. While the cover looks nice, it does not show off any of the characters. However, the cover is so symbolic that I am willing to let that slide.

Much like Dandelion, this box edition came with a drama CD and a soundtrack.

This game also came with a installation disc. I know that some of the oldest boxes of Dandelion came with an installation disc, but mine did not. The installation disc (left) and the drama CD (right) are in the same box.

The soundtrack is on two discs. The left disc is primarily the background music while the right disc is primarily the character’s themes. Yujin’s theme is my favorite theme by far. It has a violin and piano combination that is hauntingly beautiful and matches his character really well. The soundtrack has pretty much all of the background music from the game.

The drama CD has two tracks on it. Track one is a mini drama that lasts about 12 minutes. Track two is a free talk that lasts 51 minutes. The first track is scripted where as the second track is literally just them talking and joking about things.

Unlike Dandelion, this game came with English translations for most of the things in the box.

Also, Zion looks adorable~

After taking the booklets out of the cases since they were getting marks on them, the box is really stuffed. You cannot buy this box anymore as it was a limited edition, but if you ever see one on eBay or some other equivalent, I would recommend it.

5 thoughts on “{Unboxing} Nameless The One Thing You Must Recall Limited Edition {CD Review as well}”

  1. thank you for this post. I was curious to see what the LE looked like, and was wondering what was on the drama cd. I can’t seem to find any other posts on it XD. but at least I found out that it has 12 minutes of drama and a lot of banter? I would love to listen to VA banter but… I don’t know any Korean! XDD aaaa if it was Japanese I might’ve been able to follow along. But I love how Korean sounds too. and ah~ their regular speaking voices are so nice too. Did you like the cd? I listen to the commentary that was in the game just to hear their voices, especially Yeonho’s VA. ❀ I like his singing voice best as well.

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    1. Much like you, I do not actually know Korean so there is only so much I could enjoy the drama CD. Personally, I am not a big fan of drama CD’s since I can never directly understand them; a lot of the enjoyment is lost when you have to listen and read a translation of what is going on at the same time, you know? Given that, I suppose it was a pretty good drama CD, but I don’t really think that helped you any XD. I liked the free chat track better since some of them were having such a good time, you could laugh along with them even without reading anything.


  2. Ahhhh I wish I knew about this limited edition when I played Nameless back in 2014. I have no clue they have LE, I wouldve bought it coz it’s so beautiful esp. I want the artbook and ost. Been finding this in ebay or amazon but still ive found none. 😦


    1. Yeah, I remember it not being too advertised at the time it came out. I’ve never actually seen any Cheritz items for sale on Ebay or Amazon before, but I haven’t looked in a while. You might fare better looking at Korean buying sites like GMarket.


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