{Unboxing} Hakuoki Warriors of the Shinsengumi Pre-Order Edition

Another Hakuouki game but this one is not really a visual novel. I have decided to sadly talk about this game. Since this is an unboxing, I will not talk about the game itself too much but just know that this game is primarily a run around fighting game with some visual novel conversations. The back of the box shows this off really well. What it does not show is that there are two different stories for each character, a new story created for the game that is in no way canon, and the story that the original game follows (but more like the anime since it uses clips from the anime -_-). The photos on the back are only from the ‘made for this game’ story. Each of the characters got new outfits for the ‘new’ story, as shown on the box. Chikage has a boa and honestly looks like a pimp….not that that is a bad thing (〃・ω・〃)

I pre-ordered the game so it came with some goodies so to speak.

The first thing the pre-order came with was an extra booklet. The booklet talks about each individual character and has some bits of artwork in it. It is pretty small so do not think you are missing much.

The other thing that the pre-order came with was a cloth-poster-towel-thing like the Memories game came with. This one is in color though and is not lopsided. However, I am not that big a fan of the different art style which is one of my big complaints about the game overall. The new art is not as pleasing as the art in the other games.

I cannot really talk about if the goodies were worth buying the pre-order since pre-ordering the game did not cost me any extra. Due to that, yes the goodies were worth it. However, if someone tries to resell this version for a higher price, would it be worth it? If it is only a little bit maybe, but I would not pay much. The booklet really has no new or interesting information and is less than 10 pages long. The cloth-poster-towel-thing is nice though so it is up to you how much you think the cloth-poster-towel-thing is worth.

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