{CD Review} Nameless Black & White Christmas/ Complimentary O.S.T. {Soundtrack and Drama CD}

While I did not know about Cheritz until after they sold out of their Dandelion drama CD, I was able to get this one. Now, unlike most people who play visual novels, I tend to not pay that much attention to the voices of the characters (since I am usually staring at them ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)). That being said, I actually got this drama CD because of the O.S.T. since music is really important to me and since I only fluently know English, drama CD’s do little for me. However, this came with an English and Japanese translation so I can actually understand it. Now, onto the rest of its contents~

I like the consistency between the cover of the box, the translation book, and drama CD. It makes it appear uniform (or cheap/lazy depending on how you look at it). The drama CD itself has 9 tracks on it totaling 48 minutes and 47 seconds.

Here is the part I like the most, the music! The soundtrack came with a booklet and inside were these lovelies:

A trans-lyrcist’s dream~

Yes, the Korean lyrics and English translation of the ending song, ‘What’s Your Name?’. Since I got the CD within a certain time period, it came with a Lynn Project bookmark.

Now, here is what does not make sense to me. The CD came with lyrics for ‘What’s Your Name?’ yet it came with an instrumental for ‘If I Could’ instead. This could just seem odd to me since I am in the dubbing community but it seems like it would make more sense to have an instrumental for the song that has all of the lyrics released.

The soundtrack is nice but a lot of the songs are remakes of previously released songs.
Here is the track list:
1. If I Could – Piano ver
2. Morning – Piano ver
3. Propose – Harp ver
4. Come
5. Weirdo
6. Welcome to My Theme Park
7. Crucify Myself
8. Lance – Guitar ver
9. Yeonho – String ver
10. Yuri – Piano ver
11. Tei – Guitar ver
12. Red – Piano ver
13. Soi – Piano ver
14. Shinbi – Guitar ver
15. Yujin – Piano ver
16. Zion – Harp ver
17. Memory – Orgol ver (In this case, ‘orgol ver’ means ‘music box ver’. I think they meant ‘Orgel’ but either way, it is a music box and not an organ.)
18. What’s Your Name – Classical ver (still has singing and is slower as well)

Just like the limited edition soundtrack, I liked Yujin’s and Yuri’s themes the best. The remakes of ‘If I Could’ and ‘What’s Your Name?’ are nice as well. When they say ‘guitar ver’, they mean a very tame, acoustic guitar, not an electric, just to clarify.

My only complaint is that the translation book is JUST tall enough to not fit in the case so it just sits outside of the box which is a little awkward looking. Look, it is SO CLOSE to fitting.

Would I recommend this? If you like drama CD’s, then by all means, get it. If you are a fan of Cheritz and would probably buy it regardless of if the soundtrack was worth it, like me, then yes, buy it. If you are on the fence and are not sure if you should invest your money in it, I will tell you how it is:

  • The soundtrack only has 18 songs, most of which are remakes of previous songs
  • The drama CD only has 9 tracks (I am not sure if that is a lot or not)
  • It costs $29 dollars up front and a lot for shipping (at least to the U.S.; the total for me was around $50)
  • You learn a bit more about the story but since it is a drama CD, I am not sure how much of it is canon anyway
  • This is the only official way to get the Korean and English lyrics for ‘What’s Your Name?’, but since I scanned them, that does not matter as much
  • This is the only way to get the English translation of the drama CD (that I am aware of. Someone else might have posted it)

I enjoy the box but I also acknowledge that it costs too much for what it is. If you cannot decide, just consider the things I mentioned above.

Also, if you look at the Cheritz shop with the Japanese language set, the CD is not for sale…even though it has a Japanese translation…<<. To get around this, look up the drama CD with the English on. Once you get to the drama CD page, switch the language to Japanese. Most of the page is in pictures in English so it hardly makes a difference but I am not sure if it makes a difference for shipping or not.

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