{Unboxing} Amnesia: Memories Remnants of Love Keepsake Box {CD Review as well}

While the Iffystore shows the contents of the box, I thought that maybe people would like to see actual pictures of the contents and here some thoughts from a fan. Since Shin is the poster boy for the series, it makes sense that he would be on the cover. The dinosaur bones look cool but seem out of place. The back of the box is simple, but works really well with the ‘card’ theme of the game. As you can see, the box has a lid. It is pretty firmly stuck in there so you will have to shake the box a little to get it out.

The box is in layers. The layers are really easy to separate since the added a little hole at the top to grab. The first layer has…coasters. When I first saw them on the website, I thought that they were buttons but no, they are coasters.

Mine came in order from top to bottom: Kent, Toma, Ikki, Shin, Ukyo, not that it matters. They actually have an odd texture to them. They are kind of velvety feeling, not glossy at all as one would expect.

The next layer comes with a soundtrack.

In case you cannot read the track list, here it is:

  1. Title Theme
  2. Amnesia
  3. Conflict
  4. Malice
  5. Torment
  6. Renewal
  7. Enigma
  8. Riddle
  9. Paradox
  10. Leisure
  11. Everyday
  12. Tranquility
  13. Romance
  14. Investigation
  15. Reminiscence
  16. Time
  17. Peril
  18. Nostalgia
  19. Memories

Most of the songs from the Japanese OST are present except for a few. The track order is not the same though because of this. There is not much to say about the soundtrack as it really does have most, if not all, of the music you hear in the game. The album has a nice mixture of happy and sad songs on it. It is definitely worth listening to.

Next up is the artbook. It is about the size of the Hakuouki artbook that came with Demon of the Fleeting Blossom.










The artbook has concept sketches, character poses, the different backgrounds of the game, and some CG’s. I love how the book says that Toma is ‘Affectionate (and) Intense’ φ(゚ ω゚//)♡. (Yes, Toma is my bias). I did not notice any terrible errors in the artbook, or any errors for that matter. Surprisingly, Toma was the only character that did not really change from the concept sketches to the final version. He looks ALMOST EXACTLY THE SAME because he is perfect.

Lastly, the box came with a body pillow cover. While I would like to take it out, I do not have a body pillow to put it on and if I take it out of the bag, I WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO GET IT BACK IN. The bag is fairly tight and that pillow is folded in all sorts of weird ways. I can hardly fold a shirt or blanket, let alone this. However, the site gives a nice picture of it here.

Now, I think I need to mention some of the descriptions that the site gave for the items. The site descriptions are all worth noting. My sarcastic comments and explanations are in bold:

“Ever dreamed about taking a nap with 5 beautiful men on a hot summer day? (Of course I have dreamed of participating in an *abrupt stop* but seriously, I am pretty sure that only a handful of people have dreamed of actually taking a nap with 5 men. Now, ‘taking a nap’ I am sure more people have dreamed of (・ω<)☆) Now you can! A body pillow will fit safe and snug in this pillow case, with zipper closure for added security. You won’t need to look anywhere else for sweet dreams! (Except online because I, an probably a lot of other people, do not have a body pillow laying around)”

“In the game, these men will do anything they can to protect you. (TOMA) Now they’ll take it one step further and protect your tabletop from condensation rings with this set of five coasters! (How many people are actually going to risk ruining the coasters by actually using them…<<? Plus, this sentence is just hilarious. Read it again and try to not laugh) With Shin, Toma, Ikki, Kent, and Ukyo each printed on their own 3.5″ coaster, they’ll always be ready to embrace your cup and keep things from getting too wet. (I do not think I need to explain the English perverted joke that can be made here (^_-))

“A must-have for any amnesiac heroine in a new world (because there are so many), this artbook has over 50+ pages of character information, location names, special illustrations, concept art, and more! (This is true. The artbook does contain all of these things. Did it really have 50+ pages…? I did not actually count but it seemed like less than that. I may be wrong though) Retrieve fragments of your memories by poring over familiar images and learning more about the love of your life… whoever he may be! (this implies that you, the person reading this book, separate from playing the game, have Amnesia OR it implies some serious Fourth Wall stuff)”

“Enhance everyday events in your life with special background music from Amnesia: Memories! (the background music everyone who has played the game has heard) Diverse tracks lend themselves well to suit any mood, whether sweetening more refined and romantic moments, or accurately illustrating the terror and drama of dating life. Make every moment count! (While the tracks being diverse is true, I seriously disagree with them illustrating the terror and drama of dating. Most of what happens in this game, Toma’s stuff, Shin’s mystery, Ikki’s eyes, etc. will not happen to anyone or may happen to less than 5 people [There are probably some crazy yanderes out there and someone may be involved in a love triangle mystery]. The game has so many variables in it that make it unrealistic in my eyes. Maybe you disagree but that is my opinion)”

“All Limited Edition items will be packaged into a sturdy full telescope box.(I looked it up. A telescope box is a box that has a separate top and bottom that fit over one another) Each item is separated by specially designed, layered paper stock for secure storage! (It is really just a piece of cardboard fitted to loosely hold your item in place with a hole at the top to aid you in pulling it….<<)”

While I seemed to be complaining above, it was all in fun. American advertisers oversell their products on every commercial so I can hardly blame Idea Factory for adding some adjectives to their product description. I just thought that some of their descriptions were funny.XD

Would I recommend this limited edition? YES. Go get it. If you like Amnesia at all, go buy it. As of right now, it is still available but it will not be forever. I got the Steam pack but either version is fine. The artbook is nice, the soundtrack is pretty, you get coasters for some reason, and who can complain about getting a body pillow with “5 beautiful men on a hot summer day”? (・ω<)

3 thoughts on “{Unboxing} Amnesia: Memories Remnants of Love Keepsake Box {CD Review as well}”

      1. aw I’m sure a lot of people did, it’s just rare for anyone to ever comment on most stuff.

        yeah I had to buy a body pillow just for that slipcase XD. I’ve gotten so used to it being on my bed now that if I try to put it away the room feels empty. i’m not super into shirtless dudes, but I love the bright colors.


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