{CD Review} Code: Realize Character CD 5~Saint Germain Limited Edition

While Saint Germain is not my favorite character, I really like Hirakawa Daisuke’s voice (Laito yaaaas~) so this wound up being my favorite character song (as I expected it would be, but I’m biased lol).

Song List:

01 運命の旅人
02 運命の旅人(Off Vocal)
03 とある一夜の語らいにて~The side of Saint-Germain~

The character song is 4:43 long and the drama is 21:45. Hooray for all Saint Germain fans, that is one long drama track. Too bad most of it sounds depressing.

Unfortunately, there are no English lines in the song, which I guess could be considered good or bad given the pronunciation.  The google translate of the song title is ‘Traveler’s Fate’ and given ‘unmei’ was in Reiji’s (Diabolik Lovers) character song title and that has the word ‘fate’ in it, I’m going to assume it’s right (my convoluted thought process lol).

I do have one complaint though, while it would be difficult for me to dislike this song, at times the background music contrasts with his lower voice. I mean, Hirakawa Daisuke’s voice isn’t THAT low, but the verses sound like they were meant to be sung higher than they are. Maybe it’s just me. The chorus sounds fine though, and that’s the most prominent part. Still, Lupin’s song is really catchy and I’m sure I’m going to switch off which song I like more.

Yay, purple for the win. I was expecting it to be a lilac color instead of a violet to match Saint Germain’s hair a bit more.

The limited edition came with a Saint Germain charm. Personally, I like this charm design the most. I think shading of his hair looks really nice and I really like his signature having a heart.XD

Should you buy?:

As per usual, I would recommend buying the limited edition if you wanted to buy the CD’s anyway. If you’re not sure which of the CD’s to buy, I’d recommend Lupin’s and Saint Germain’s as I think their songs are the best.

5 thoughts on “{CD Review} Code: Realize Character CD 5~Saint Germain Limited Edition”

  1. HUZZAH yes Hirakawa Daisuke was my favorite from Diabolik Lovers because his character songs were the best. i liked his version of Gin no Bara better than any of the other bros’ versions. have you heard him in Alice no Kuni? i kind of think that’s Hirakawa’s best character so far tbh (well, he did that before all this tho lol)

    I totally dig St. Germain but felt they story they wrote fell a bit flat at the end. like the “big bad” or whatever for his story was really meh. it was all exciting and effed up before then lol. but i liked the very end scene where you “live happily ever after” with him tho so I guess its ok lol.

    yeah I’d say the title is Traveler’s Fate. or Fate of the Traveler I guess. lol yeah unmei no tabibito.

    so when my budget allows, and assuming no one else takes on a project, I could let you know if I manage to understand any of the dramas. ah… hopes shouldn’t be too high. but I’d sure like to try haha

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  2. Yes, my love for no Kuni no Alice and Ace are both strong.XD I’m actually helping with an AnKnA fan translation.

    I personally like Kanato’s and Reiji’s Gin no Bara’s the best, but Laito is third. I just like their singing voices the best, yet they are my least favorite characters in the first game..hmm…weird.

    Yeah, while Saint Germain really did have the most interesting plot in theory, it diverged the most in my opinion from the rest of the characters, I wasn’t a huge fan of his route because it took a long time for any feelings to be shown and when they did, they seemed random and just thrown in because otome game.

    The CD’s are available on Itunes but without the drama for some reason. I mean, the regular editions of the CDs have the drama tracks so I don’t know why they wouldn’t be on Itunes…<<


    1. oooh you are fan translating? T_T that’s so cool
      yeah I liked Reiji’s songs 2nd best ❤ hmm I liked his character too though lol. i like listening to him speak in Keigo XD why do I like the worst dudes??? lol

      haa… its insteresting they got only songs on itunes.
      anyways thanks for the reviews anf good luck in projects!


      1. Thanks~ And, I might have been misleading in what I said on accident.XD I’m helping with a fan translation, but I’m a proofreader so I don’t actually deal with the Japanese text (hence why I don’t understand the drama tracks lol). Sorry about the confusion.


      2. no no its still cool that you are a part of one of those groups. I’ve considered joining things like that but I dunno. i probably don’t work well with others lol
        good luck with the project! : D


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