{CD Review} Principesse E Fate

Now this CD is an experience all on its own. Literally meaning ‘Princesses and Faeries’, one you look at the lovely artwork,you will have an idea what we are getting into. This is an Italian children’s CD, and given its contents and appearance, I am assuming it it a very indie Italian children’s CD. The CD cover look like one or two steps up from in-home burning. I actually found this CD while looking for the Mermaid Melody Principesse Sirene CD. Why would it come up in the same search? Well, it does have the word ‘Principesse’ in the title, but that is not the reason. This is the reason:

Seven of the 15 songs included are covers of Mermaid Melody Principesse Sirene songs.XD
We have:
Mermaid Melody (nice job changing the name on that one <<)
Torno Dall’Oceano
Fantastica Poesia
Dolce Melodia
Stella Pressiosa
Battito D’Amore
Voce Nel Buio

Why did this not get hammered by copyrights? Surprisingly, they actually created their own instrumentals for the songs. It is significantly harder to claim copyrights when they did not use the official instrumental. However, keeping one of the songs titled ‘Mermaid Melody’ was a gutsy move.

Also, the last song is titled ‘Nel Segno Di Winx’, which is a song from Winx Club…<< I am starting to see a trend here. This raises the question, how many of these songs are actually original?XD

The inside of the booklet just has an explosion of fonts and colors listing the different songs.

As much as I joke about how odd it is that this CD exists, the singer could be a lot worse. The biggest problem with the singer is that she sounds like grown women. I know that statement sounds weird, but given how I am used to the original versions of the songs, her voice sounds odd as a replacement for Luchia or Hanon. Her voice matches Fantastica Poesia and Voce Nel Buio (though this one has a bit too may effects for my tastes). I think the CD would have been a lot better had there been more than one singer.

Should you buy?:

No, not really. I enjoy the fact that it exists, and the singer really did try her darnedest, but I cannot unhear the original versions of the songs. Maybe some of the songs are original? If so, that could be a slight incentive to buy it, but otherwise, just get the Mermaid Melody Principesse Sirene CD.

If you want to sample the songs, you can listen to excerpts on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0012JCNWQ/ref=dm_ws_sp_ps_dp

2 thoughts on “{CD Review} Principesse E Fate”

  1. x’D oh god. I’m dying. I wasn’t expecting this sort of thing in my Reader.

    dat artwork. reminds me of some low-budget Christmas cartoon a family member bought. the whole time, we swore the children were tripping on acid. I think the Nutcracker story was on there. It became clear that Uncle Drosselmeyer was their dealer LOL.

    So basically… this is sort of a compilation CD of unofficial covers lol. nice.


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