{Otome Review} When Love Strikes~Sailorel

When Love Strikes follows Sayu who starts realizing that attraction is a thing that exists.

General Information:

  • Where to get: Itch.io page
  • Cost: The game is free, but you can pay what you want
  • Love Interests: Three (male), one (female)
  • Endings: Five
  • First play through time: Around half an hour
  • Time to get all endings: Around 45 minutes

This is Sailorel’s first game, and as I often accidentally do, I played The First Star, Sailorel’s second game, first. Surprisingly, I actually liked When Love Strikes better. However, much like The First Star, this game decided to be edgy.

Have the first two lines:

What a depressing way to start a self described ‘romantic comedy‘. Then five minutes more of play time, she almost gets assaulted in an alley. Yes, this is still better than The First Star. Trust me. I know it does not seem like it, but trust me.

Ryou (ninja guy) is the athletic guy who hits on the main character immediately, but in a light-hearted fashion so it is not creepy. It is weird, but not creepy. Yay I guess? He also dresses as a ninja because free art assets. The main character seems to fall for it though as she goes to his house the super quickly, totally forgetting she was almost assaulted in an alley. Shaun (boring one on left) is the quiet and nice guy whose defining trait is that he is poor. Myou (good boi on right) is the tsundere who has a terrible life and is a sweetheart. His backstory was the most interesting of the lot. Mai is the female romance option. She is really hyper and independent and clingy.

This game has almost no choices, which means that you are flirting with everyone in every play through. It made me feel a little bad picking one person over the other. Even so, I felt closer to the characters in this game than The First Star. This game also has totally free assets, and also accepts money. I am still not sure how okay that is???

You thought the edginess was over? Ha, you were mistaken. (Spoilers are hidden within diamonds, but they are not hidden on the Edge browser. If you are using Edge, please skip below the diamonds. Sorry!)


Click here for spoilers

Each guy has an ending and Mai has an ending. There is also another ending where Sayu moves to New York. Welp, MAI JUMPS OFF A ROOF AND DIES. Let alone the plot hole of this Japanese suicide being on New York news, now it makes me wonder if Mai is going to be this depressed regardless of route. She might just off herself in the guy’s routes too eventually. Who knows.


Play Order:

Since you have to play each route all clumped together, it’s more so ‘which ending order’. I’d save Myou for last just because he was my favorite, but it really just depend son who you like up to that point since you will have already experienced all of the guys.

Should you play?:

No, not really. This game was more enjoyable than The First Star, but only because Myou’s backstory was mildly interesting. I felt like Syou actually did help him out and make his life better. He was pretty adorable too. If you decide to play, do his ending and quit. The other endings are not worthwhile, especially the solo ending. Do not do the solo ending. Go play another otome game instead. You will not be missing out on much.

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