{Otome Review} Heart and Seoul~Sapphire Dragon Productions {18+}

Heart and Seoul follows Kim Yoon-Ji as she goes from New York to Seoul to house-sit but never stays in her house, instead opting to go clubbing with arguably attractive men.

General Information:

  • Where to get: Steam page
  • Cost: $3
  • Love Interests: Two (male)
  • Endings: Six
  • First play through time: Half an hour
  • Time to get all endings: 76 minutes

This was my first dive into Sapphire Dragon Productions games, and it prepared me for future disappointment. The game starts out with meta exposition explaining how they are going to order names according to how they would be ordered in Seoul. This was a bit immersion breaking, but whatever. Speaking of immersion breaking, there is an unavoidable scene at an art gallery where you have to look at different water color pieces that look like they were scanned with a crappy printer. The one good thing I can say is that this game made me cry from laughter. I actually screamed. Whenever you go clubbing, it inserts random videos of real people clubbing. It is the dumbest thing. Plus, the videos clearly do not take place in Seoul because most of the patrons are purely Caucasian. It is so dumb, I loved it. I also really hate it, but hey, it made me laugh. Any immersion I may have had was immediately gone.

The character sprites are okay. There are white around parts of the characters like they forgot to remove the background which made it look really cheap. The backgrounds are all splotchy versions of real pictures. They were not terrible, but not great either. This game has a match-three mini-game that serves no point. You cannot lose, and it does not help the plot any, so it is pointless. Both characters share a common route with only a few scenes differing.

Notice the white spots still in his hair -_-

Park Hyun-Woo is an office worker… That is about it. He is really boring. I guess he is nice??? There is really nothing to say about him.

Lee Seok-Jin is a DJ in a club (you know, one of the ones from the montage I guess XD). He does not have much of a personality, but I liked him more than Park Hyun-Woo just because he had pink hair and being a DJ is more interesting than an office worker lol. He also looks a lot like Lucas from True Lover’s Knot, so minus some points (if there are even any left) for lack of creativity.

Spoilers ahead for the best endings of the game, if anyone cares about spoilers for this crap lol. (Spoilers are hidden within diamonds, but they are not hidden on the Edge browser. If you are using Edge, please skip below the diamonds. Sorry!)


Click here for spoilers!

The entire games takes place in about a week, week and a half at most. In that time, if you do a romance ending, the MC bangs a guy and decides to move to Seoul to date him. Hmm, moving a bit quickly there, aren’t we? They mention how now she has to find a place to live, but like, if she is so okay with moving across the world to date a guy in a week, I do not get why she does not just move in with him. It makes absolutely no sense.


Play Order:

They’re routes are basically the same so it really doesn’t matter.

Squicky Meter:

The banging is just implied and there are no graphics or descriptions.

Should you play?:

Absolutely not. This game does not have as terrible of a price tag as True Lover’s Knot, only costing $3, but it is a waste. It also has a deluxe version… Yeah, okay. I got it on sale for 50 CENTS, and I feel cheated. I will admit that I did get 50 cents worth of laughter out of that clubbing montage, but that was not intentional by the company. This game is utterly terrible. There is nothing good about it. Save your two quarters (or three dollars) and throw them in a well and make a wish. Your money would be better spent.

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