{Otome Review} True Lover’s Knot~Sapphire Dragon Productions {18+}

True Lover’s Knot follows Anna as she goes on a cruise but is forced to fix people’s electronics via annoying mini-game the entire time.

General Information:

  • Where to get: Steam page
  • Cost: $7
  • Love Interests: Two (male)
  • Endings: Three
  • First play through time: Half an hour
  • Time to get all endings: 78 minutes

After having played Heart and Seoul, my expectations were low. I figured this could not be any worse, but it turns out that this game is actually older than Heart and Seoul. Great. Naturally that alarmed me, and I had every right to be alarmed. This was a terrible experience. This game is so bad. Also, Steam shows no signs that this game has people banging in it, but it does, so I’m putting an 18+ notice.

Those must be some massive chairs. (Yes, the images are from the steam page. No, I did not want to play it again to get the screen shots. Fight me).

Like Heart and Seoul (and most Sapphire Dragon Productions games), this game had real clips. This one had clips of boats and parties. Fun. Way to really heighten my experience there. Luckily, you can skip them. Thank goodness. All of the background images are either real pictures (ex actual people taking food off of a buffet table and looking awkward next to the anime characters), or weird 3D style backgrounds. The characters are never proportionate to the background, so you will have a zoomed in buffet table and the characters will be the size of a table leg. The female characters in the game are also massive compared to the men. Their sprites as a whole are bigger, but even more so are their heads. The game seems to zoom in on the women sprites a bit more as less of their legs show than the males. It is just poorly designed.

The greyed out parts cannot be touched anymore, so if you box a spot in, then you have no hope.

Now about that mini-game. Anna is basically an IT worker and even though she is on a vacation, she gets asked to fix everything. Usually the mini-games in Sapphire Dragons Productions games are pointless and easy. BUT NO, THIS ONE IS HARD. This is the only mini-game in their otome line (so far) that you can actually fail. You have to try again if you fail, and there is a restart button, but you can back yourself into an inescapable corner and have to start over. It is a matching game, but once you match something, it disappears and leaves a hole. Nothing can go past that hole, so you have to make sure to not box things in. Maybe if I were seeking out a matching game to play, this would be okay, but as it stands, it has no point and it is hard and I just do not like it XD.

Look at her massive head compared to his. The busty girl (whose name I forgot) is even worse.

This game has two romance options, but your final decision is ultimately what decides the ending. Even more annoying, the game literally tells you that this choice decides your ending. Maybe some would find that helpful, but I just find it as the developers saying to my face, ‘all other choices up until now didn’t matter, ha’. Because of this, you ‘grow attached’ (I say loosely) to both guys regardless of route. Normally this annoys me, but I felt nothing toward either guy, so who cares. Each ‘ending’ is only about four sentences long. There is no epilogue. Somehow, even though they are only four lines, Santi’s ending wound up being even worse than Scott’s.

Now that the terrible system is out of the way, onto the guys.


Scott is the owner of the ship. He and Anna used to date, but because he has no personality (and still does not), she broke up with him. Now he has money, so I guess she wants some of dat. They had more of a connection than Anna and Santi but only just because Santi is a ho. Scott is incredibly boring, but he admittedly is nice. I am sure that if Anna got with him, they would live a happy (and boring) life.

Santi (who is totally not Caucasian, totally)

As said above, Santi is a ho. He is a player who bangs women on cruises because he can. We are told nothing about him other than he is fun, exciting, and likes to bang women on cruises. I understand wanting to get with someone fun, especially when the only other option is Scott, but come on. We all know Santi is not going to settle down. They are not going to stay together. One problematic thing is that Santi is supposed to be…I think Puerto Rican (I really do not remember exactly what country he was from |D). Regardless, I do remember he was not Caucasian, but his sprite looks VERY Caucasian. So that is not okay. The only good thing I can say about him is that he is kind of hot. Totally the guy I would normally go for in an otome game.


You also have a close friend named Lucas who does not have a route even though he is fun, looks good, is nice, and will not leave you to bang some other woman on a cruise. He really should have had a route.

Despite all of my complaints, the worst part of the game has to be a glitch. I hope it is a glitch. It has to be. Please tell me it is. Regardless of who you want to end up with at the end, you are FORCED TO BANG SANTI???????? You get shoved into an endless loop until you do, and it is just so terrible. The scene is not descriptive or anything, but I cannot believe I was forced to bang this ho.

The best part of the game is that near the end you get messages on your answering machine from Scott and Santi, and they are voiced. And oh boy are they poorly voice acted. It is absolutely hilarious.
Okay, the actual best part of the game would be the sprites. The sprites in and of themselves, regardless of how big the women look and white-washing, are drawn well.

Play Order:

Santi>Scott. This way, you can walk away knowing Anna at least is in a stable relationship, no matter how boring it is.

Squicky Meter:

The banging is implied and in no-way graphic or detailed.

Should you play?:

Oh, goodness no. Save yourself. This game is horrendous. There is nothing good about it. I cannot believe that this game costs $7 without a sale. I think I paid around $1.80 or so, and I feel like I wasted my money. I cannot recommend any aspect of this game. Avoid at all costs. Gosh, I just noticed the $4 DLC. Shoot me now.

Fun fact: The game got such poor reviews that the developers actually planned to remove it from steam. Let that sink in.

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