{Otome Review} Con Amore~Team Taju

Con Amore follows Claudia, an aspiring musician, as she gets roped into helping out a singer, who she does not like, because she is the main character.

General Information:

  • Where to get: Steam page
  • Cost: $5 (or $8. I will get to this below)
  • Love Interests: Two males, one female
  • Endings: Six officially (but it might be four. I will also get to this below)
  • First play through time: About an hour
  • Time to get all endings: An hour and 45 minutes

The plot of the game is basically as simple as I described. Claudia is a student who writes a paper about how this musician, Zeal, sucks. She runs into Daniel, Zeal’s producer, without realizing it, and complains to him. He winds up going to her college to offer an internship and naturally picks her against her will (This all happens within eight minutes or so, so it is not much of a spoiler). I only bring this up because I have no idea why Daniel picked her. Why would one pick an intern they know dislikes the music of the person they are interning for? It makes absolutely no sense. The game never explains why exactly he picked her, so I am just going to assume it is because he thinks she is hot. Seems plausible. The game has a few other inconsistencies, but they get explained by the end of the game, so I was okay with them.

One thing I would like to highlight is the cost of the game. To buy it through Steam (which I did), it costs $5 not on sale. To get it through Itch.io, it gets bumped up to $8. The Itch.io version comes with a Steam key as well, so I guess you are paying to have a DRM free version, but it makes no sense because once the Steam version is installed, it can run without starting up Steam. The only reason to get the Itch.io version is if you do not have a Steam account, but upping the price like that seems in bad taste.

The game boasts having a dress-up feature. What she is wearing does show constantly, so that was a nice touch. It was a nice addition, and depending on what Claudia is wearing, character’s affection can go up. This sounds like a neat gimmick, except you have no idea when and outfit may raise affection. The Steam achievements show what clothing item you need to wear, so at least that means you do not have to try every combination (if you looked at the achievements, which you might not have), but the item does not change. What I mean is, if Daniel likes the green dress for example, then you better wear the green dress constantly because that is the only item he likes and it could raise his affection at any moment (yes, the moments are predetermined, but you as the player will not just know them). This turns a fun dressing game aspect into a ‘wear this singular outfit the entire route’, basically making the dressing game pointless. Also, what Daniel likes is horrendously ugly, so that was fun |D. One other complaint about the dress up segment is that whenever a CG is coming, the outfit automatically changes to match that CG, again, making the dress-up bit feel a bit pointless.

This may just be my computer acting up, but the skip feature is really slow. It will stop for a few seconds, skip a few lines, and stop again. The art for the game looks nice. Bea’s face is a little wonky, but otherwise, it all looks pleasant.

It advertises having six endings. Each guy has two, Bea has one, and there is a solo ending. However, for each guy, if you get the ‘special’ ending, then you automatically get the other ending’s achievement. I went back and tried playing Alex’s route while purposely missing points, and while it changed a scene or two near the end, it wound up playing out like the solo ending. Maybe I am just missing something here, but it really doe snot seem like the game has six endings, just four endings with slight variations before one reaches the ending.


The first route I did was Daniel’s. As said before, Daniel is Zeal’s producer. They apparently knew each other before Zeal became famous, but the game never really explains how old Daniel is compared to everyone else. I am pretty sure he is the oldest character, but the game does not talk about the age difference any. It was a bit refreshing since otome games frequently highlight age differences, but I also would have had his age casually given just so I knew. Daniel was significantly more entertaining than Alex. Daniel and Claudia bickered a lot, and he always did things she did not like (like making her an intern lol), but none of them were so bad that it made me personally dislike him. I was a bit confused why Claudia began to like him though. I as the player may have found what he did comical, but she was annoyed all the time. Her hanging out with Daniel felt more like an obligation to pride. She talked to him because she had to to do a good job at her internship, and doing bad would hurt her pride. Only really close to the end did it feel at all like she liked him for him, but by that time the game was almost over. Even so, I found his relationship with Claudia more believable if only because he was around her more than Alex was.


Speaking of Alex, Alex is boring. He is nice (which seems to be a trait I am forced to highlight often just to find a compliment for some of these love interests -_-), but he is just some random guy at her college. His only defining trait is that he is kind of quiet? I did not feel like Claudia was very close to Alex, certainly no more than I am with my male friends. He could have easily been more interesting! At one point Daniel throws a party and Alex is there even though the two would have no reason to know each other. Claudia just brushes over this fact, completely ignoring the red flags here. She ignores any and all red flags with Alex, and it is just so disappointing.


Bea also has an ending, and it makes way more sense than Claudia getting with Daniel or Alex. Bea is Claudia’s roommate who is always supportive. While I am usually not a huge fan of routes where the MC gets with their friend as that means they have a per-established friendship that I as the player do not get to see, here, it works better because of the game’s length. She is just ‘school acquaintance’ close to Alex, and she also has a love-hate relationship with Daniel where the love only comes out near the end and it felt out of nowhere. With Bea, we get to see her being close to Claudia and cheering her up when she is sad. Plus Claudia clearly likes being around Claudia, which is something that cannot be said for Daniel. Bea has the most realistic relationship with Claudia, which does not bother me because it is a GxG relationship or anything, it is just pretty sad that the female option worked the best in a game where your goal is for a girl to get with guys XD.

I do have one problem with Bea that I am going to spoiler tag. (Spoilers are hidden within diamonds, but they are not hidden on the Edge browser. If you are using Edge, please skip below the diamonds. Sorry!)

Click here for spoilers!

One major downfall for Bea is that she does come out and say that she is glad your relationships with the guys did not work out so now she has a chance. I can totally understand not wanting your crush to get with someone else (most of us have been there), but she says it in a really…menacing fashion that made me question her integrity in other routes. Even though she was supportive, was she really just being fake? Given some of the dialogue options you have to pick, I got the impression that she was rooting for the relationships to fail from the start, regardless of if she acted kind and supporting of Claudia. In conclusion, Bea makes the most sense relationship-wise, but she is fake loool.


Because of all of that, I do not think Claudia should have gotten with any of them in that short span of time. The game does not take place over too long, so the relationships felt rushed. Could she have realistically fallen for Alex or Daniel? Yes, she could have, but not as quickly as the game shows us. This game really suffers from its length.

Play Order:

I would say do Daniel>Alex>Bea or do Bea>Alex>Daniel. Daniel has the most interesting route, so either do it first or last.

Should you play?:

Yes, I would recommend it. The game was lighthearted fun. As much as I questioned the actual likelihood of Claudia getting with any of the people, I have played oodles of visual novels where the MC got with people for even dumber and less likely reasons. If you want a game where you can dress up your character, what you have Claudia wear does shows up (whenever a CG is not incoming), but do not view it as a major selling point of this game. Having to wear certain clothing constantly makes that feature almost mute. I would not be going out and spreading how amazing this game is, but I would not tell people to never play it. It is a fluffy, carefree game that is at its worst average and at its best average.

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