{Otome Review} Get Your Boyfriend~Fresh Girls Games Studio

You play as a shallow girl as she picks a boyfriend from a DVD and then is just…so irritating on dates.

General Information:

  • Where to get: Gamesgames.com {such a beautiful website name}
  • Cost: The game is free
  • Love Interests: Three (male)
  • Time to beat: Around 10 minutes

This is a casual game where you go on dates with guys and have to do small mini-games that consist of clicking things. To start, you are in your house I guess, and there are three DVD’s, each one having a different guy promoting himself. It reminds me of the good old days when people would make VHS promos of why people should date them… Okay, I do not think that many people made those. Hopefully. You have James Smith, the jock, Patrick Bell, the nerd, and Peter Decker, the guy who likes music. Not that it matters because they do not do anything, so.

In terms of games, there is brushing your hair, dusting dust off of your man, pouring him a drink, feeding him, and powdering your face. You also have ‘scrub the lips’ and ‘make a touch gesture’…..<_<. Yeah, so the English in this game is pretty bad. ‘Scrub the lips’ means ‘apply lipstick’, except you have to just click all over your lips, cause I guess that is how you put lipstick on. ‘Make a touch gesture’ means to follow along with the arrows on the screen, so if the arrow points down, click and hold and move the mouse down. There is a ’round’ arrow that makes you go in a circle, except it barely works. The game has three ‘dates’, and then the fourth one is just them giving you a present and saying broken English. As you do the mini-games, the love meter rises.

Let alone how boring the game is, this girl is incredibly rude and conceited. She combs her hair and applies all sorts of make up at the table. If I were that man, I would leave as soon as she did it once. Who brings a comb to a date? I can’t even.

To add salt to the wound, it barely matters what guy you pick. After each date, they all say the same thing about her (something about her being charming). Only their final words and the gift they give are different.

Should you play?:

No. It is boring, the guys are all the same, the main character is rude, the game barely has any lines and yet almost all have some grammatical problem, and it is just bad.

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