‘Otome/VN Blog’ Survey Results

A bit ago, I released a survey on the Otome Reddit and three otome-centric Discord servers. The survey’s goal was to see what people expect, want to see, and don’t want to see, on otome/vn focused blogs. Due to my allowing people to input their own answers on a lot of the questions, this blog post is going to be giant and not every result will be in a nice graph.

The survey ran for one week and had 72 respondents. Not all questions were required, but questions with 72 respondents means that the question was required. Due to a lot of these results involving tally’s and referencing numbers in graphs, I am going to be using numbers (2) rather than spelling them out (two) in order to coincide better with the graphs themselves. I also didn’t censor what people said (other than one instance I will describe below), so a few people said cuss words. I felt I should mention it since I do not personally cuss on this blog, so you may not have expected cuss words to be included in this post.

With that, onto the results!

This question was set up in a scale of 1-7, ‘rarely’ to ‘super often’. With this, we can see that most people tend to read otome/vn blogs what they consider a ‘middle-ground’ amount of time. Not too often, but not rarely either. Since 7 can’t be divided in half equally, people most likely took 4 as an average and 5 as a little bit above average. Even so, a good chunk of respondents say they are just one step up from ‘rarely’ at 2.
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