{Otome Review} Midday Party Otome~0oVINo0

Midday Party Otome…has no plot.

General Information:

  • Where to get: Newgrounds page
  • Cost: The game is free
  • Love Interests: Four (male)
  • Endings: Twelve, but all options except the correct ones lead to immediate dead ends, so there are four good ends
  • First play through time: About one minute
  • Time to get all endings: About four minutes

In this game, you have a title screen, then the next menu lets you pick from four guys. Each guy has three questions/exclamations, and you are given three possible responses. Some answers are obvious, others are not as obvious, but the game is so short, it is easy to remember which choices you have or have not made.

As soon as you pick the wrong answer, you get incredibly invasive word art telling you you lose. It is animated and everything. The only part of this game that is animated is the lose screen. Thanks.

Normally I would talk about each guy individually and post a picture of each, but they all have the same personality. Ren is girly, Toma is nerdy, Onew is fat (I will talk about this next <_<), and Kamenashi has longer hair.

So this is Onew, and one of his questions is him wanting to eat, and you have to respond with “fried chicken”. It seems in bad taste to make the one overweight person have a question related to food, especially when the correct answer is an unhealthy one, and especially when there are only three questions/exclamations at all.

Apparently, Onew is a reference to Onew from the KPOP group SHINee since that Onew likes fried chicken. Just…a fun fact I guess lol.

Also, Kamenashi gave me a lose screen because he asked if I was “free” and I said “no, I’m priceless”. 0/10, does not appreciate bad jokes.

Should you play?:

No. There is no reason to play this game. It may be short, but it also sucks. The title says ‘semester 1’, so maybe a sequel was planned, but it never came out. The art is bad, there is no plot, I did not like the food question with Onew, and it is just overall terrible.

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