{All Inclusive Dating Sim Review} Amorous~Team Amorous {18+}

The title screen’s clock matches your computer’s clock. AKA I played this in the wee hours of the morning.

Amorous follows the nameable MC as they are forced to go to a club (Club Amorous) by their horny brother and then wind up shacking it up with people.

General Information:

  • Where to get: Steam page
  • Cost: Free
  • Love Interests: Four (male), Four (female), and kinda-sorta another male
  • Endings: Eight
  • First play through time: After getting phone numbers, each routes takes around 35-45 minutes
  • Time to get all endings: Around nine hours (including getting all achievements)

You can only play as a biological male (is that the term?) in this game. You can pick your pronouns, but the game makes it a point to tell you that if you play with female pronouns, the game was designed for the main character to be male. I appreciated being able to pick pronouns, but when the game tells me my pronouns don’t work, it turned me off a bit. I wound up just making my character identify as male and moved on. I haven’t really played any VN’s where you play as an anthropomorphic character before, so even without it being an otome, I still went for it.

You go to Amorous, and your goal is to get people’s phone numbers. You basically go around having conversations with people until you say the right thing and get their number. You can get everyone’s number in one go. One annoying bit is that once you beat a route, it shoves you back in Amorous, but since I got all people’s numbers at once, I then had to go home to call. It seemed like it would make more sense to shove me at home instead of the club. There is no tutorial, so it took me quite a while to find the “go home” and “go to Amorous” buttons on the phone. A great aspect of the game is that the characters move. Most VN sprites are static or only blink, but these people move as much as a Nintendo 64 character.

This is my very girly MC lol. I named him Rory.

Probably the biggest advertised highlight of the game is the character customization. You can customize fur color, species, accent colors, noses, ears, hair, etc. The game has excellent customization. What your character looks like is even shown on the title screen (well, their arm). What your character looks like is how they are presented throughout the game, but since the game is first person, you barely ever see your character. You see their hand holding a phone, but that is about it. Now the Steam version is censored (which I will get into below), but maybe if I had patched it to not be censored (which is super easy to do apparently lol), then perhaps the love scenes would have shown your customized character? I am not sure. Regardless, know that your character is barely going to be seen, and that kind of ruins the point of having customization.

Okay, so the censoring. In order to get onto Steam I guess, the game censored the sex scenes by putting an awkward heart cutout on top of the scenes to block most of the picture. Except since the scene is animated, you can still basically tell what is going on, so it is only censored in that you cannot see their…”private areas.” I feel like this censoring was pretty useless. If someone did not want the sex scenes, they are still there and still very clear. I could even tell you who was taking what position in almost all of them. If I can do that, then the censoring did not really work that well, at least not to me. They also do not always censor out nipples. I guess it was good enough for Steam, but it just does not seem like enough. Another annoying thing is that they play what I’d call elevator music during the scenes, which is just weird. So, if you wanted to play this game and do not want to experience furry sex, just know that the censored parts are not that censored, and they they openly talk about sex the whole time.

You have a brother named Coby. You were adopted (so you know what that means <_<), so he is a bird and you can be whatever you set yourself up as. He is constantly horny, and bangs people almost every day. He is also the reason you went to club Amourous. He really got you out of your shell, which was nice, but he is almost constantly in his underwear. And since this game is 18+, you can see a bulge. Now if you are like me and your computer is in an open area of your house and you do not live alone, that makes playing this game (and most 18+ games) problematic. Normally, I can just quit as soon as an 18+ scene starts and then play it in the wee hours of the morning (which comes off as kinda weird and creepy now that I type that out), but with this, I had to play the entire game at night because nobody in my house wants to see an almost naked bird boy’s junk. If you live alone, then this will not be a problem for you, but I figured I would mention it.

Now my computer is pretty old. It is a Windows 7, with all of the original components. Nothing has been upgraded, including the graphics card. I had no idea that a VN could make my computer explode, but this one did. In Remy’s route, there is a pool scene. The water effects absolutely destroyed my graphics card. The game ran at two frames per second or so and it was virtually unplayable. I had to just force skip almost the entire scene, and make the screen resolution as small as possible, just to get through it. It blew up my graphics card so badly, I had to force restart my computer once. This is made worse by the fact that I could never find a text log, so I just missed a bunch of Remy’s dialogue. Even with my old graphics card, I cannot help but feel that some of it is the game’s fault. For example, my computer can play Recettear without any adjustments to resolution, and that game has fighting, monsters, running around, etc. It just seems odd to me. Remember how the characters move? My computer was not too keen on that either, though that did not make it explode.

This game also will not let you click off of it. It blocks you from moving away from the game window. Now this is only an issue if you play it in windowed mode (like I had to for my computer to not explode |D), but it also makes getting screenshots of the game very difficult. Plus, I played it while occasionally doing other things or chatting with people, which required me to switch away from the game. It was incredibly annoying. The only way I found to get off of the game was to hit the windows key and then open up some small program like the calculator. Then you can go an do other things.

Occasionally, the character’s body parts will disappear. One time Lex was a floating head, and another time Remy did not have a head. It did not happen often, but it should be noted.

The game does not appear to be getting any more updates, but there is a game breaking problem. You cannot read any of the “messages” on your phone without the game just crashing. The developers are aware of this, but because you do not have to read the messages (they are just alerts like “you got an achievement!” etc), it appears as if they do not plan on fixing it.

The game has a few achievements that are very annoying. Remy’s route has a cooking mini-game. This would not be so bad except Remy tells you the order in which you have to put the items in in about three minutes worth of cooking exposition. Fun fact, I hate cooking, so I skipped most of it, not realizing I actually needed to listen. Luckily, the food is in order, so you need to put the ingredients in from top left to bottom, then top right to bottom. Once that is over, you have to cook it for a specific amount of time that Remy does not specify. I wound up having to look it up. Once the “stop” button appears, count about three Mississippi’s (really fast Mississippi’s, so it’s not that helpful. Good luck).

The cooking game was bad, but the shooting one is worse. There are four achievements related to the shooting gallery in Zenith’s route. One requires you to not miss any targets (you can just never shoot for a round and get it lol), one for missing less than 30 targets (which you have to get unless you are reaallllyyyy bad), one for getting 60 headshots in one round, and finally, one for getting 2500 points in one round. This last one is insane. It took me around 50 minutes of just doing the shooting range to get it. I do not play shooting games often, but I consider myself okay-ish at games in general. If someone is not too good at video games or has no experience with shooting games, this achievement will be impossible. I got it with only 20 points to spare. I saw some people on Steam saying how they play first-person shooting games, and even they were having trouble. Hey, Team Amorous, the majority of the people playing your VN are not the same people who play first person shooters. I cannot think of any plausible reason for why they thought this achievement was a good idea. Oh, I just checked my Steam account, and that achievement is now in my top five for “least gotten” achievements if that says anything <_<.

A mild complaint, but for a game with such high art value, all of the characters (except one, which I’ll mention below) you can get with use the same apartment background. It was very cheap for an otherwise high-budget looking game.

Now that the general complaints are over with, onto the characters. I will go through them in the order I played them. Each character’s route consists of getting their number at the club, and then three separate dates. Needless to say, that does not allow for a whole lot of development. Most routes follow a “central problem” or “central character trait” and that is the whole route. Each character discussion will be brief since I do not want to spoil their routes.

As said above, Coby is your brother by marriage. He does not have a route per say, but…things that happen in his ending ruined his character a bit for me.

Jax is a chameleon who is apparently the hardest person to get the number of. It makes sense since his route focuses on his trust issues. Overall, I liked Jax, though he was grumpy a lot of the time as he was not sure if he could trust your character or not.

Dustin is a lion who tries to bang you when you first meet him at the club XD. He is super S, but was surprisingly sweet and not just “the really rough guy.” Dustin was the character who I was most attracted to at the start of the game,

Lex is a husky (who does not look like a husky). Lex has the absolute best route. The police get involved, it gets really intense, and it is great. Lex’s thing is that they are non-binary and are the loner of the game. I thought this route would give some representation for non-binary people, but Lex does later come out and say their gender, and is super embarrassed and blushy about it, which does not seem like the reaction a non-binary person would have? Lex comes out and says that they do not have some internal emotional reasoning or identity reasoning behind not saying their gender, they just do not feel like it. I am not, nor do I have much experience with non-binary people, so this could be how someone like that would feel or react, but for someone with my little knowledge, it came off oddly.

Mercy is a goat and is transgender, M -> F, but she has not had any surgery and is questioning if she ever will. Mercy’s story line was okay, but my problem was Mercy herself. She felt really conflicting. One second she would be super happy, the next she would be incredibly horny (lol, animal puns). It was really weird, and by the end I did not feel any connection to her because I could never get a grasp on her emotions.

Remy is a rabbit (who does not look like a rabbit) who picks bad men. Her route is really sad to me since I can relate to one of her main “problems.” I was glad that the MC could step in and give her a healthy relationship.

Seth is a feline (I do not think they ever specify what type of cat). He is an aspiring author who went to Amorous to write away from his apartment. Seth is adorable, and he is not that horny, especially compared to most of the characters in the game, which was a nice change. Though I question how great a writing environment a club is lol.

Zenith is a dragon. I enjoyed his route second most. He has a lot of backstory that would be huge spoilers so I will not talk about it, but he was pretty down-to-earth.

Skye is a fox who is big into cosplaying. I felt like Skye was the production team’s favorite. She’s in the ending credits screen for all routes (and isn’t wearing pants in the credit screen???), and she get three different sprites (since she cosplays). The most the others got was a clothing change. Skye got full-on body color changes. She is also the only character who got a different looking room. Even so, I did like Skye, and her nerdiness (as the game puts it) is adorable.

Play Order:

Lex has the most interesting route by far, so I would save Lex for later. Get Coby out of the way early on. I’d suggest something similar to Mercy>Coby (just so Coby isn’t your first experience of this game)>Remy/Jax/Seth/Dustin>Skye/Zenith>Lex.

Squicky Meter:

As said above, the censoring is absolute garbage. The sex scenes are animated, which adds a heightened level of squickiness. The game also just talks about sex a lot, and Coby is almost constantly in his underwear which shows a bulge.

Should you play?:

Though there are some bugs, it’s clear that a lot of time and love went into this game. Each character has a unique plot, and the sprites look fantastic. I would recommend the game so long as you like furries and don’t mind the NSFW parts of it, though every plot, while unique, didn’t really have time to develop, which was a big negative factor. Obviously, if furries aren’t your thing, then no, don’t play it lol.

2 thoughts on “{All Inclusive Dating Sim Review} Amorous~Team Amorous {18+}”

  1. I also played a bit of Amorous just out of curiosity a while back and it definitely lets you play as a woman…but it’s kind of an afterthought. I remember getting an in-game message after I made my character a cis woman that the game was designed with the assumption that the protagonist has a penis, so you’re usually the penetrating partner, and the devs have no intention of going through the sex scenes and rewriting them for MCs without penises.

    I ended up dropping it for unrelated reasons (I’m not into furry and I found the story boring), but at least the character customization is really good.


    1. Ah, I should have been more specific. I meant biological female (is that the term?) so you can pick your pronouns, but the game always treats you like the dong-wielding person in the relationship. So, as a straight, biological female person (I can’t use terms |D), I couldn’t really connect to my character at all and just played with the character identifying as male instead. I’ll go back and edit the post to be more specific about that! Thanks for pointing that out. I appreciated having the option of pronouns, but the “you always have a dong in this game regardless, sorry” message bothered me.

      Yeah, if furries aren’t your thing, I can’t imagine you’d like this game XD.

      EDIT: I also added the otome, yuri, and non-binary tags/categories since this could be considered those, and changed the way the game is addressed in the title.


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