{Otome Review} Unplanned AMOUR~CrimsonMoon

Unplanned AMOUR (why must it be all caps?) follows Kyra, a 29 year old whose mother really wants her to get married, but Kyra is stubborn. Of course, since it’s an otome game, there’s only so stubborn Kyra can be lol.

General Information:

  • Where to get: lemmasoft page
  • Cost: Free
  • Love Interests: Three (male)
  • Endings: 6
  • First play through time: Around 45 minutes (with a cat)
  • Time to get all endings: Around two hours (with a cat)

Kyra has an ex-boyfriend, Austin, who was abusive, but she still is hung up on him, so much of her reason for not wanting to find anyone else is because of him. She also thinks marriage sounds scary (honestly, same lol). Kyra’s mother is over the top and calls her for hours on end every day trying to get Kyra to get married and hook her up with people. It was probably supposed to be comedic, but the gag ran the whole game, so it got a bit tiresome after a while. Kyra’s roommate, Maya, is a bit hotheaded but clearly cares about Kyra.

The English in the game is…not too great. The sentences all make sense, but there’s something off about most of them. Commas won’t be used properly, making things harder to read, and things are rephrased and repeated. The game also used some terms I wasn’t familiar with like cloth peg = clothes pin and canteen = hospital cafeteria. That might be on me for not knowing those words, but regardless, I felt the need to look up their definitions online which broke the immersion. One of the characters, Bastian, had sprites that didn’t work. It was made more comedic by the game alerting me that the ‘Bastian file could not be found’ in bright red letters on the screen.

It’s totally a date. Maya agrees.

This is a personal pet peeve of mine, but I want the bad choices to at least make some sense why they lead to a bad end. Many of the choices that lead to the bad endings don’t make any sense. With this game, you can save at the last dialogue choice to get the good or bad ending for each character. However, when you get things like this (yes, this is a quote) ‘Jump up and hug him!’ vs ‘Nod quickly until my head feels dizzy’, how could you possibly know which is right? Why would either of these cause a bad end? It doesn’t make any sense. I wound up having to use a guide (which the lemmasoft link has) because a lot of the choices were things like this where neither were bad, and neither sounded more right than the other.

The character sprites look really nice and I could see them being used in a paid for game. The backgrounds are the ‘take a real photo then blur it so it looks weird’ style.


Adair’s plot line gets ruined because this game is advertised as a GxB game. They never mention a GxG route, so the player goes in knowing that Adair will turn out to be male. There goes half of his plot right there. On the itch.io page for the game, the only image on the site has Adair’s male clothed version there too, so it just gets more spoiled. It’s very unfortunate because Adair’s story was the most interesting of the lot. All routes suffer from end-game exposition, but his route was the most legitimately interesting. A part that wasn’t pointed out is that one of the characters would know that Adair’s male (not gonna say who due to spoilers), but they even refer to Adair as she. I’m assuming Adair told them to go along with it, but it was never made clear, so it was awkward. Also, both Kyra and Maya think Adair is female, and he roles with it, clinging to them literally and overall being uncomfortable. I think a lot of it is due to his upbringing, but even so, you know they would not have been okay with this had they known he was male (Maya wasn’t even okay with it when she thought Adair was female). While Adair’s route was the most interesting in terms of plot, he was so invasive that it was bothersome.


Evzen is a doctor who is kinda shy, but his biggest trait is that he eats an outrageous amount of food. Evzen’s ending was ruined for me by the thing that ruined it for Kyra (it’s rare that I agree with an MC for why she’s mad at a guy lol), but then it also fell into a trope that I personally don’t like. I’m being vague so I don’t spoil his whole route; I was just overall annoyed. His route was also the most tame. The other two routes had a bunch of drama while this one didn’t until the very end, and even then, his drama was the most boring.


Bastian is the stoic guy with a heart of gold whose route had a bunch of drama. Kyra becomes an absolute damsel in distress in this route because they wanted to show off Bastian’s street-cred, but I was a bit interested in the drama, so I can excuse it. I found Bastian to look the best (since I like dem bad bois), and apparently the developers liked him the best too. He had the cutest ending by far, and I have no idea why. Sure, I liked Bastian the best, but nothing in the game really implied that he would have the best ending. I was glad since he was my favorite, but I was a bit irritated that the others got shafted (I’m not a fan of games having OTP’s).

Play Order:

I played Adair>Evzen>Bastian, and I think that’s a pretty good order.

Should you play?:

The game certainly has its flaws, but I was interested in Adair’s plot (what of it wasn’t ruined from the get-go), and the drama in Bastian’s route. I had an overall pleasant experience with the game and would recommend it if you have a few hours you want to kill. Just know that you might have to resort to a guide (the lemmasoft post has a spoilered guide you can use, though it’s missing a few dialogue choices).

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