{Otome Review} Let’s not stay friends~Violet Feature {18+}

Let’s not stay friends follows Inske as she tries to pass an important exam at her school with the help of a male partner.

General Information:

  • Where to get: Steam page
  • Cost: $6
  • Love Interests: Three (male)
  • Endings: 12
  • First play through time: A little over an hour
  • Time to get all endings: Four hours

The basic plot is that there is a magic school where students are either ‘fighters’ or ‘crafters’. They team up so the fighters can protect the crafters as they go out and get ingredients to make magical items like enchanted amulets and stuff. Inske, the MC, is a crafter. Frenz and Taf are fighters while Burain is a crafter.

A big plus for this game is the art. I adore the art style, and the sprites even blink. I can count on my hands the amount of otome games I’ve played where characters blink. The game also has an endings list, which was deeply appreciated, and it has a few fun comics. One complaint I do have is that the CG’s don’t always register. I beat all of Taf’s endings and yet several of his CG’s didn’t pop up even though I knew I had seen them. I had to play through one of his endings three times just to get them to show up.

Now the game isn’t technically classified as raunchy or anything, but the Steam page says it has “Description(s) of erotic scenes”. It’s certainly enough that I wouldn’t want my young child playing the game, though it’s not too intense. Regardless, I felt that the mature content should be a bit more prominent on the store page instead of the last thing in a small section.

Before getting into the characters, I need to say that a lot of the correct options for the character’s good endings are the opposite of what you’d expect. This sounds like an interesting gimmick, but it ruined one route and made one not make sense, which I’ll mention below.


Frenz is Inske’s child-hood friend and the bet fighter in the school. I am not a huge fan of this trope, but I actually wound up not minding it here, and I don’t really know why. Regardless, Inske was generally an okay MC, but she is absolutely clueless that she has friend-zoned Frenz. Frenz is at ‘I can change my clothes in front of him and not care’ levels of friend-zoned. It’s pretty obvious he likes her, and everyone else in the game knows it, so I did find that a bit annoying. Due to the child-hood friend trope, that also makes his route feel like the OTP< and I don’t like games having OTP’s, so that part did annoy me. His route made the most sense and I felt she had the best connection to him (because OTP + child-hood friend combo). But, that is not because he was the child-hood friend, it’s because I had no idea why she liked either of the other guys.


Taf is the resident playboy and the second best fighter, only below Frenz. Naturally, this leads to animosity between the two. Taf also hits on any female who breaths, so Frenz is also annoyed at Taf flirting with Inske. Taf’s route just didn’t make sense. I have no idea why she liked him. He’s manipulative, he’s a liar, and he’s a jerk the whole time. By the end, he’s a little better I guess, but after all the crap that happens in his route, I know I couldn’t just go out with him after. This is made worse by the fact that the choices for the best ending didn’t seem to help their romance any and actually made it seem like Inske hated Taf for most of the route. Then, once she did like him, it felt unbelievable.


Burain is the intellectual character who is a crafter. He is also friends with Taf. The games plays it off like ‘opposites attract’, but I never understood their friendship, and Burain didn’t seem to get it either. Burain’s name also made me think of “Bovinae” like the cattle, and I just couldn’t get that out of my mind the whole time and kept misreading his name… Though I suspect that that’s a me problem lol. Burain’s route was ruined by the choices you have to make. Basically all of this ‘correct’ choices are saying he’s wimpy or that he’s inferior to others. At least with Taf, I got why he liked Inske (boobs), but with Burain, I don’t know why he liked her. She insulted him the whole route. It was disappointing because they could have been really cute together.

Play Order:

I played Taf>Burain>Frenz, which felt like a good order, especially since Frenz has a lot of OTP-ness and is good to save for last.

Squicky Meter:

The scenes aren’t described too much, but there is some description and partially naked visuals (nothing NSFW though). It’s kind of between kinda squicky and squicky in parts.

Should you play?:

I would recommend the game. I know I complained about the character’s routes not making a whole lot of sense in terms of chemistry, but that doesn’t mean that the ride wasn’t fun. Even though the game had problems, I could usually find a way to offset it. Taf is a turd, but he’s an attractive turd, and…might not cheat on Inske by the end….probably |D. Frenz is the OTP, but he’s kinda tsundere, which I liked. Burain got beaten down, but he was pretty cool by the end. Also, Taf and Frenz’ fighting was very entertaining, and I just adore the art.

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