{Otome Review} Last Days of Spring 2~Sapphire Dragon Productions

Last Days of Spring 2 follows Yuka as she goes to a high school reunion, except the reunion only has five people and one of them wasn’t even intended to be there.

General Information:

  • Where to get: Steam page
  • Cost: $7
  • Love Interests: Two (male), One (female)
  • Endings: Six
  • First play through time: Around 40 minutes
  • Time to get all endings: Two hours (but I was holding the same cat again)

This game picks up after Last Days of Spring. As I said in that review, this game takes places after Keisuke’s ending (since he won a popularity poll apparently). Let alone that meaning that all the other character’s endings in the first game are pointless, they decided to go one step further and make it so Yuka and Keisuke only dated briefly and then broke up. Yuka apparently dated Keisuke for a few months then MOVED TO ENGLAND AND LEFT HIM. So basically, none of the endings mattered. Sadly, this game really does only make sense if you have played the first. No, not because of the endings, but because of what you learn about the characters in the first game. You could get away with skipping the first, but you would be a bit confused.

As said in the blurb up top, Yuka goes to a high school reunion. The reunion is five years later. I always hear of them being 10 years later, so that was a bit odd. Anyway, Aya’s (one of Yuka’s high school friends from the first game) family has a house in America, so that’s the excuse they use to make this reunion only have a few people. Only a few people could afford and/or had time to travel to America. What a crappy reunion. If your school was in Japan, who in the world has a high school reunion in America? Of course almost nobody would come.

Remember Saori, the other friend from high school who liked Takeo? Well, she isn’t even here. They just removed her completely, saying she’s performing in some other country. (Fine, I didn’t want her there anyway lol).


The art has gone from kind of sketch-like to pure anime art. For the most part, it was an improvement, though I liked Yuri’s original art more. Now she looks less like an unspecified Vocaloid and more like Gumi lol. Even so, it is a very jarring change. Keisuke looks very effeminate, and while that’s not bad, it is just such a drastic change. The backgrounds are those “take a real picture and make it look kind of like a water-color painting by using filters” backgrounds. I found it worked better than the pure real-life pictures used for the first game.


Game-play wise, this game is better than the first, and it really is the best SDP game, as of this review anyway. And yes, I’ve played all of the SDP otome games. Your choices actually make a difference. This seems like such a simple concept, but I can’t explain how great it was for the choices to actually impact the outcome. There is no universal save that can unlock every ending. Sadly, there are real-life videos, and you cannot skip them in this game. Luckily, they’re shorter and less invasive (a full-moon, and people on a beach), but that means I also couldn’t laugh at them XD.


The skip feature skips to the next dialogue choice, but since it skips ALL text, once you click an option, it immediately starts skipping every new thing. You also cannot save on a decisions screen, only before or after, which is just super annoying.

Though choices matter, the routes didn’t feel like routes. You go camping with Keisuke, and that’s the most interesting thing that happens. I don’t even remember anything that happened in Takeo’s route. Yuri comes in halfway through the game and nobody expected her (hence the fifth person in my initial plot description), but that also means that her route barely exists. She has some ex-girlfriend drama, but we don’t see it first-hand.

The endings in this game are better than the first since we aren’t told any of them are canon, but they’re still open ended because you all live in different countries.

Play Order:

I would say Takeo>Yuri>Keisuke again. Since Keisuke was the canon route of the last game, his route here felt more developed than the others.

Should you play?:

This is the best SDP game as of posting this review, but that doesn’t make it good. It just isn’t terrible like most of the rest. I wouldn’t recommend it, especially since you really should play the first game first, and that means more money. However, if you decide to play it, you probably won’t be in physical pain like you would be for most other SDP games.

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