{Otome Review} 7 Dates~GirlsGoGames

You play as Jessica whose matchmaker friend set her up with seven guys at the same time. Her friend either is terrible at picking guys, or needs to be paid. I can’t decide which.

General Information:

  • Where to get: Gamesgames.com {such a beautiful website name}
  • Cost: The game is free
  • Love Interests: Seven (male)
  • Time to beat: Around 20 minutes

This game actually has dialogue choices! I’m shook. So you pick one of seven guys, most of which follow some stereotype, and go on a date. They’ll say something (about 4-5 different things) and you get to choose a response from three options. Responses vary based on “clearly wrong” to “said with a different type of speech” (ex talking like a stereotypical surfer).

If you pick a wrong option, the game seems to always give you a second chance by lying your way out of it like “Oh, sometimes I can” or “I was just kidding”. That makes the game a lot easier, though it makes the relationships a bit questionable lol.

The guys aren’t different enough to warrant individual images, so I’ll describe them based on the title image. From left to right we have Richard, the sophisticated guy, Jason, the guy who doesn’t have a stereotype so the options to pick for him were hard to pin down, Tyler, the short guy (he brings it up), Jayden, the goth guy, Ethan, the nerdy guy, Liam, the guy obsessed with sports, and Dylan, the skater guy.

I am not kidding when I say that everyone (but Jason) is a stereotype. Jayden barely speaks and references alternative bands, Liam says his life revolves around basketball, etc. Nobody had an actual personality.

0/10, Dylan got mad that I called his friends “peeps.”

Should you play?:

Of the “free-online-romantic-flash-games-you-know-will-never-be-that-good-since-the-sites-are-so-sketchy” that I’ve played, this is one of the better ones if only because you actually have dialogue options. I wouldn’t recommend it by any means, but if you’re going to play one of those games, pick this one. Even then though, don’t play it. It’s not fun.

Also, this game has a sequel, so look forward? to that lol.

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