{Otome Review} A Troll’s Fairy Tale~S.K.Y. Art and Designs

A Troll’s Fairy Tale follows Acacia, a very abrasive troll, as she kinda-sorta tries to find love.

General Information:

  • Where to get: lemmasoft page
  • Cost: Free
  • Love Interests: Two (male)
  • Endings: Three
  • First play through time: I can’t remember
  • Time to get all endings: I…I really can’t remember |D

I played this game a while ago, and it has still stuck with me. Acacia is incredibly blunt and brash, and it’s rare to play an otome game with an MC like that. It was definitely refreshing. Acacia’s mother wants her to find someone to marry and keeps sending her to different dating mixers, but Acacia’s really not into it and just complains the whole time. It’s great XD. Also, Acacia has a darker skin-tone, another thing you don’t often see in otome games. Good on the creator’s for having some minority representation in the game.


Several of the background pictures for this game were stunning and really added to the ethereal fairy tale theme. The characters have a slight sketch feel to them, especially Acacia’s hair. I know that some people felt her hair looked a bit odd, but I thought it looked pretty nice, just stylistic. This game was also made for NaNoRenO, so it had a short deadline, so it not having entirely polished art is fine.

Before mentioning the two romance options, I want to talk about Aeron. Aeron is a guy that wants to get with Acacia, but he is absolutely horrible. To describe how horrible he is, a bunch of the lemmasoft comments for the game are people saying they’re glad that Aeron didn’t have a route. Rather than praise the art or the characters, they praised Aeron not getting a route. That says something. I just deeply hated Aeron. He was bad in Damine’s route, but goodness if he wasn’t insufferable in Edavine’s. It’s seldom that I dislike a side character this much. However, that goes to this games credit. He was supposed to be disliked, and they definitely succeeded. And no, I’m not posting a picture of him; he doesn’t deserve a picture here.


Damine (who I keep wanting to call Damien) is the unicorn prince. Because of this, he’s uppity and has women fawning all over him. He flirts with women a lot, and even flirts with Acacia, with his flirting only getting stronger once he realizes she isn’t having any of his crap. He was an okay character, and his route was fine. However, it paled in comparison to Edavine’s route. The creators even suggest playing Edavine’s route second. At first I thought it was because there was something revealed in Edavine’s route that’d spoil Damine’s route, but there really wasn’t. I can only assume that it’s because Edvaine’s route is noticeably better so playing that one first would make Damine’s look even worse.


Edavine is a fairy, and he gets into fist fights a lot to release pent up emotion over his parental drama. His route was really good. It had a lot of twists and turns and just plain old drama. I also felt like Edavine’s “I’m a lonely thug” personality meshed better with Acacia than Damine’s did. Edavine is clearly the OTP of the game, so much so that I’m not really sure why Damine even had a route. This could have easily just had one LI and I’d have felt satisfied (though Damine’s fine, so I’m okay that he’s there lol).

The game also has one bad ending. If you’re a completionist, the bad ending does have one Edavine CG in it.

Play Order:

As the creators said, definitely play Damine>Edavine for the best experience.

Should you play?:

Absolutely go play this. I enjoyed it so much, especially Edavine’s route. Acacia was a fun MC, and her attitude is something not often seen in otome games. Plus, it has minority representation. You can also play and develop an intense hatred for Aeron, like me.

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