{Otome Review} Love in the Glen~Sapphire Dragon Productions {18+}

Love in the Glen follows Zoe Richardson as she (potentially) divorces a man who did nothing wrong, goes and gets an office job, dates bland people, and does an annoying mini-game.

General Information:

  • Where to get: Steam page
  • Cost: $6
  • Love Interests: Three (male), One (female)
  • Endings: Seven
  • First play through time: Around 40 minutes (unless you don’t get a divorce, then that ending is super quick)
  • Time to get all endings: Two hours (but I was holding a cat)

Seiji Mimura (AKA Ash Ketchum)

Zoe is married at the start of the game to Finn. In order to progress, aside form the one ending you stay with him, you have to be an absolute jerk for Finn for no reason. The game never really explains why Zoe dislikes Finn since all the problems are before the game starts. This game would have been SOOOO much better had it started after already divorcing Finn. It makes every route but his seem bad since from what we see of him, he doesn’t have anything wrong with him. He seems a bit focused on work, but that’s about it. Needless to say, I got the ending where you stay with Finn since I wasn’t rude to him for no reason.

Once you’ve successfully kicked your totally fine husband to the curb, you realize you’re poor, but don’t worry, you conveniently have rich friends cause your husband was a house designer. You get a job (or fail the interview lol) at a design company and do annoying mini-games.

Regina Park

That’s it. There’s the plot. You go to work, a tiny little bit of office stuff happens, you go home, listen to your answering machine, mope a bit, and go to work again. It’s so boring.

Finn Iversen

As for the characters, we have Seiji, a plastic surgeon who looks like Ash from Pokemon. He’s nice, but there is no chemistry between you two. There’s Regina, a lawyer who I felt you had more chemistry with than Seiji, but that might just be because she was less boring and gets you out of the house more. There’s Finn, your husband who as said before, didn’t do anything wrong that we get to see. You have an ending where you stay with him, and an ending where you get back with him after divorcing. Lastly there’s Michael, whose character trait is him being seven years younger than you. Oh, and he blatantly tells you he likes older woman, but he does it in a really weird way and that was kind of funny. Other than Finn, I felt that Zoe had the most chemistry with Michael since he’s her assistant at work and she’s with him a lot. There’s also an independent ending where you stay alone and prosper, and an ending where you fail the job interview.

Michael Frater

The game took me max 2 hours to beat, and that was while holding a cat (yes, the same cat as basically every time) and having side conversations. The skip button is VERY hard to get to stop. It stops at a choice, but after you pick a choice, it continues. The backlog only keeps a few lines, so it’s easy to miss sentences if you’re skipping (not that you’re missing much |D).

Anyway, time to get to the absolute worst part of the game. This is a major plot point spoiler for a few routes, so I’m going to put it in a spoiler. I personally feel like aside from divorcing a man who hasn’t done anything wrong, this is a major reason to not buy the game, and also, who really cares if I spoil something for this game???? (Spoilers are hidden within diamonds, but they are not hidden on the Edge browser. If you are using Edge, please skip below the diamonds. Sorry!)


Click here for spoilers!

In Seiji’s route and the independent route, possibly all others but the one where you don’t get divorced, don’t get hired, and Michael’s, MICHAEL DIES IN A CAR WRECK. Now don’t get me wrong, I can accept character death if there’s a reason. But surprise, this hour long game killed him off for no reason. The game even goes so far as to blame the MC for it, saying he got drunk because she wasn’t interested in him, even when he didn’t make it clear he was interested in her. So yeah, the game blames you for killing him. And for what? The endings are max 5 minutes after that. It did nothing. She moves on with her life and it had no impact on her. It just made me feel bad. She also had a bit more chemistry with Michael than everyone else since Michael is her assistant and she worked with him every day. Other than her original husband, he was the one she should end up with.


And that is why I feel like the original husband or Michael are the best routes.

I know you all want to know. Yes, this game has random videos shoved in like the others. Now, instead of a club or beach, this game has a fast moving city-scape at night with cars on a highway and skyscrapers and stuff. You know when the video plays? When the characters are banging.

To add fuel to the fire, this game has an answering machine message. It wasn’t as badly said as the True Lover’s Knot ones, but it’s clear that the guy speaking in this game was the same guy who voiced Scott in True Lover’s Knot.

The mini-game in this game is super easy, just matching. There’s a reset button but…there’s no reason to reset? You can’t lose. Absolutely pointless.

The game also says it has “High quality anime art style”. Yeah, okay.

Play Order:

For play order, I’d suggest not divorcing Finn>Seiji>Regina>Independent end>Get back with Finn>Michael. As I said, I felt like Finn and Michael were the best options for Zoe, and you might as well end the game on a happier note.

Squicky Meter:

The banging isn’t graphic at all and is just said to have happened. Plus that dumb video plays, making it almost comical.

Should you play?:

Overall, it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as True Lover’s Knot, but it wasn’t good. I only felt any connection to Michael, and default the OG husband just because he didn’t do anything to deserve a divorce. I’ve read how some people appreciated having an older MC and liked the “looking for love after a divorce” mechanic, but I’m not the target demographic. Even so, I wouldn’t mind either of those qualities had the divorce made sense, but it didn’t, and that left a stale taste in my mouth. Also the spoiler tagged thing. I do not recommend this game. If you want to play a game from this company, Last Days of Spring 2 is the best one. Not good by any means, just not as bad as the others.

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