{VN Review} Unlikable Us~hotdogtopus {18+}

Follow four high school students as they try to solve the murder of their friend who was killed at the school.

General Information:

  • Where to get: Newgrounds page
  • Cost: The game is free
  • Time to beat: About 30 minutes

The basic plot is that Emily was found stabbed to death in the girl’s bathroom. Four of her “friends” are trying to solve her murder. That’s about it.

This game is just a few steps away from a kinetic novel. There are only two dialogue options, and they barely do anything. I played the game through twice just to see what picking the other options did, and it was barely any different. Definitely not worth it. Between screen fades, there is an annoying small green dot in the middle of the game window for some reason. The game has what looks like a skip button, but it doesn’t work, so maybe it’s not a skip button? The music was also very loud, so I just muted it. Each character seemed to only have two or so expressions, so often there was something sad going on and the characters looked happy and vice versa.

The school principal is named Principal Pringle, and that made me chuckle.

The reason that this game is called “Unlikable Us” is probably because every character sucks. None of them are likable at all. You have Dana (green hair), a girl who seems to be psychic, but is also a ho. They mention her banging several people in a short time-frame, and characters even call her a slut. There is also Georgina (brown hair), a girl who always looks ticked off, and who is also a ho, just slightly less of one. You have Ricky (super short), the guy whose character trait is him being short. His sprite is clearly just moved down. It looks pretty dumb to be honest. Finally, there’s Zed (the not short guy) who is a skeptic about Dana’s powers and paranormal things in general. The girl in the background of the title screenshot I have is Emily, the girl that died, though the characters switch out as you stay on the title screen.

Now at the end of the game, you are given a screen where you pick who you think did it. Luckily, if you pick wrong, you see a gag ending and get sent back to the selection screen. This is an AMAZING feature because there is no save file, and chances are, you won’t get it right the first time. I just had to randomly guess until I got it. There was only one or so clue that implicated the person, and I was confused on who was where when it was given, so I totally missed it. Even so, there isn’t any real evidence against the culprit. You have to take a shot in the dark, and then once you get it right, there are more scenes that give solid evidence.

The evidence incriminating the culprit is given after you guess the culprit. Thanks.

I think the weirdest thing about this game was how much Bender Man (AKA Slender Man) was in it. Nothing about the game description would let you know that a Slender Man knock-off was in this game. It was just weird.

The game also ends on a cliff hanger and implies there is a sequel that never came out and/or additional content for this game. The game description didn’t say anything about a sequel or missing content. If I had known it had a non-existent sequel or missing content, I wouldn’t have played it.

Squicky Meter:

Dana literally went down on a guy as a fade to black happened (her sprite moved down and everything), so yeah, lol. Otherwise, it’s mainly just people calling each other sluts and saying they slept with people, nothing graphic or vivid.

Should you play?:

For a game where you’re supposed to solve a mystery, you have to take a shot in the dark with only one real clue to at all suggest who the killer is. The dialogue options don’t matter really. I was invested in figuring out who killed Emily, but the solution was unfair in my opinion. I was invested enough to want to know what happened to Emily, but the solution bothered me, and the story didn’t end since a sequel was planned. I wouldn’t recommend it since there isn’t a conclusion.

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