{VN Review} My Magical Divorce Bureau!!~GB Patch Games

My Magical Divorce Bureau!! follows a nameless divorce paper…filler…outer? In this world, all marriages are valid, so people kidnap others and force them into marriage so much, a new department was created to solve it, the “Magical Divorce Bureau.”

General Information:

  • Where to get: itch.io page
  • Cost: The game is free
  • First play through time: It depends on the combinations you get and how easily you understand the logic
  • Time to get all endings: About an hour, but it depends on your luck with randomly generated routes

Each play through is randomly generated, and you have three couples per route. This means that there are nine possible combinations of “kidnapper” and “victim”. Each couple has three different times you have to make a choice, and three different choices each. Before meeting each couple, you get a document with information about the people involved, known information about the incident, and a suggestion as to how to talk to the people. The game was made for NaNoRenO 2017.

My biggest complaint is the best endings. It’s really hard to tell if you got the best ending at first because so long as you don’t get a bad ending, your character praises them self for doing a good job. So you can get a neutral ending, and it sounds like the best ending. I got the best ending on my second couple, and a chibi CG popped up, signaling the best end. That means the first time I didn’t get the best end, though I thought I had due to the confusing praise. So yes, know that the best end nets you a chibi CG.

A lot of the correct choices sounded trivial, and yet they decide what ending you get. I don’t want to get specific since I don’t want to spoil right or wrong answers here, but I had to save and load a heck of a lot. The files before each couple are supposed to help you pick choices, but some of the files really don’t help. Saying “don’t irritate anyone” is a bit hard to do when a divorce is in the process; everything irritates everyone.

Using the pics from the itch.io page, the villains are Jeska, a witch; Nerium, a dryad (he controls plants); and Lexis, a golem.

The victims are Po, a blob who is super cute; Lillum, a demon who cusses a lot; and Baird, a werewolf.

Each couple had a cute story line, though my favorite couples were Lexis x Po, Nerium x Lillum, and Jeska x Baird. I felt they were they were the most compatible. I’d describe the characters more in-depth, but since each case file has their complete profile listed every time you see them, I’m not going to make you read it all another time here lol.

Should you play?:

This game is fun a fun play, and I really like the art. I also really like Nerium <_<. I haven’t played any of GB Patch Games’ games before, but I’ll definitely have to check them out.

I made a walkthrough for getting all of the best endings that you can find here.

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