{Merchandise Review} Hatoful Boyfriend Plushies {AKA: My wallet is dead. Send help.}

So I was a backer for both of the Hatoful Boyfriend plushie Kickstarters. I have every plushie that is a different character, so I don’t have clothing variations (ex Ryouma’s maid plushie, Shu’s lab coat plushie, etc.).

General Information:

To start off, all of the plushies are adorable. Every single one. I love all of them. They look exactly like the production photos. As you can see, I have precariously stacked them in my room near the ceiling (next to a Dandelion and a Hatsune Miku poster lol). You can also see that they all are really distinctive! The Asami plush (2nd row down, far left) came with her octopus necklace. Even all of the fantail pigeons have distinctive traits: Yuuya has glasses and a necktie, Sakuya has the pink ribbon and I swear his tail is bigger (hence why he’s sticking out a bit there), and Okosan is plain but has eyebrow marks. Every plushie that I bought (I will talk about this later) comes with a pvc tag of the character.

Sadly, I didn’t have enough room there, so I had to put others in different parts of my room, but that means I had easier access to these ones XD. Miru and Kaku are adorable and noticeably more oval-shaped, just like they are in the game. They even have the leg-bands.

The meat plush feels like a bit much. Regardless of how weird it is, it’s also noticeably smaller than the birbs and yet it’s the same price as the regular birb plushies. Alfred looks nice, though since he’s a raven, he doesn’t have that many details as he’s solid black.

My favorites of the whole collection are my King plushies. They look so nice. I just love them. The picture book King’s (the white one) feet aren’t super-well attached since they’re a mix of felt and foam. However, they look like the feet in the game, so so long as you don’t pull on them, they should be fine. The King colored plush is a bit smaller than the other birbs, but he looks so nice.


  • Absolutely adorable
  • Look like the in-game characters, just a bit chibi-fied
  • The King plushies look especially good


  • The cost
  • The cost
  • The cost
  • Some birbs are more detailed, but that’s because some birbs are more detailed in the game
  • The cost
  • The cost
  • Some birbs are bigger than others
  • The cost
  • The cost
  • The plushies no longer come with the pcv tag

Since originally drafting this review, the hatofulshop website changed addresses, and now the birbs do not come with their corresponding pvc tags. Now the plushies are still cute, and in my mind, the price isn’t bad still, but I am a bit peeved knowing that they removed content but didn’t lower the price.

So, as you can see, the cost is the biggest downfall. Regular birbs are $14.95 without shipping. That price is fine. The cost comes into play for the “special” birbs. The picture book King, Alfred, Ryouma in his maid outfit, and Shu in his lab coat, were all higher tiers in the Kickstarters. So, if you buy one from the Hatfoul Shop now, they each cost $99.95 (though Ryouma and Shu in those outfits are sold out). For the first Kickstarter, I didn’t get any of the “special” tiers, but for the second, I got the picture book King one. That tier came with the picture book King and all birbs below that. Later on, when the Hatfoul Shop had a large sale, I got Alfred.

Should you buy them?:

If you are a big Hatoful Boyfriend fan, then these birbs are for you. They are absolutely adorable. The regular birbs don’t cost all that much. I mentally compared it to buying a figure. They cost less than a figure and look really nice anyway, so it made the purchases feel less like I spent a crap ton of money on birb plushies. If you are a casual fan, then it doesn’t cost all that much to just order your favorite birb.

P.S. I ordered so much Hatoful merch, my mom kept complaining asking if I spent more money on birds. The answer was yes.

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