{Unboxing} London Detective Mysteria + Soundtrack Bundle~Limited Run Games Edition {CD Discussion}

My copy of London Detective Mysteria came in! I’m incredibly glad to have a physical copy, but at the same time, there is one glaring issue:

The cover art for the game box looks like crap.

So all of the side characters are high quality images, but Emily in the middle is pixelated. It looks like what an image does when you take it, grab the corner, and shrink it. It’s just Emily too! I know my scanner sucks, so it might not be super easy to tell, but I think even with my sucky picture, you can tell that Emily (especially her hair) looks really bad, and if you can’t, the advertised image is below.

This twitter post also has a better pic of how bad it looks: https://twitter.com/Seraiden3/status/1145055774655176704

In LRG’s defense, looking closer at their picture of the game case on their website, Emily looks really pixelated on there as well, I just didn’t notice. So, I guess they weren’t hiding the pixelated-ness XD. The only difference I see between the advertised images and the one I got is that the CD on the advertisement has black near the edge, while the actual CD is clear so you can see the background image.

Now, I think I know why the image looks bad; I think it was a separate image. The game cartridge is a maroon color and has Emily on it in that “upside down, looks like she’s falling” pose. So, I think they either had Emily as a separate image and sized it up for the cover, or sized it down for the cover and cartridge and the cartridge just doesn’t look as bad because it’s small.

My case paper thing also has a small crease in it.

The back of the case’s description was very vague and didn’t really tell anything about the plot. It basically just described how a visual novel works, and that the game has literary characters. It didn’t even mention doing detective-things XD.

As for the packaging, it came in a box labeled “Limited Run”. The only thing holding the CD and game case in place was some….”the material paper bags are made out of, but not in bag form” XD. And even with that, it was just kinda sitting on top, so if you shook the case, everything rolled around.

So, after all of those complaints lol, onto the good!

The backside of the cover has a relationship chart with what everyone’s relationship with Emily is, as well as quote about her from each of them. It was a really nice addition that I was not expecting.

LRG also has a trading card thing where they make a few cards per game, and you get a random one with your order. This was the one I got. I’ve seen one other card available for sale, but I don’t really know how many cards there are available. My scanner hated the card and scanned it dark since it’s a foil card, so know that the card looks way better in-person.

I was really curious what would be included in the English soundtrack since I own all of the London Detective Mysteria Japanese CD’s, so I can compare.

English Song List:

  1. The Early Bird Song
  2. Tea, Toast, and a Newspaper on the Table
  3. Welcome to Harrington Academy
  4. Whispers of Mystery
  5. Sighs of the Fog
  6. Big Ben: The Triumphant Bells of a Hero’s Return
  7. The Monarch of London
  8. Queen Majesty
  9. Do not Let the Gas Lamp Shine
  10. The Night of Mystery Begins
  11. Every Girl, Every Boy
  12. Those Who Do Not Learn Their Lessons
  13. The iron Hammer of God
  14. An Underground Jail
  15. Rosetta Stone of the Storm
  16. Spin, My Music Box
  17. A Prayer to the Southern Cross
  18. Welcome to Mysteria
  19. The Unexpected Truth
  20. A Challenge, With Courage as My Guide
  21. London’s Dark Comedy
  22. The Majesty of a Foggy Night
  23. The Majesty of a Foggy Night (Instrumental)
  24. Piccadilly Jewel
  25. Piccadilly Jewel (Instrumental)
  26. Next Century’s Meteor Shower
  27. Next Century’s Meteor Shower (Instrumental)

There are two soundtracks released in Japan for London Detective Mysteria: Eikoku Tantei Mysteria Soundtrack “Mysterious Symphony” (英国探偵ミステリア サウンドトラック「ミステリアスシンフォニー」) and Eikoku Tantei Mysteria The Crown Mini Album “The Music Crown” (英国探偵ミステリア The Crown ミニアルバム「ザ・ミュージック・クラウン」). Mysterious Symphony has the background music, as well as the OP and ED songs (and instrumentals) for the initial release of the game; Lady Mysteria (レディ・ミステリア) and Honey Nostalgia (ハニー・ノスタルジア) are the vocal songs respectively. The Music Crown includes a few more of the BGM songs I’m assuming were only in the The Crown release of the game, the OP and ED (and instrumentals) for The Crown edition of the game, as well as a song sung by Emily; Foggy Night Masquerade (夜霧マスカレード), Piccadilly Jewel (ピカデリィ・ジュエル), and Next Century’s Meteor Shower (来世紀の流星群).

The English soundtrack release includes all of the BGM music from Mysterious Symphony, all of the BGM music from The Music Crown, as well as the vocal songs from The Music Crown. The vocal songs from Mysterious Symphony are not included. The English soundtrack songs 1-18 are from Mysterious Symphony, while 19-27 are from The Music Crown.

I am questioning some of the song name translations. The song they translated as “The Majesty of a Foggy Night” literally says “masukarēdo/masquerade” in Japanese (夜霧マスカレード). That’s why I listed it as Foggy Night Masquerade when talking about the song on The Music Crown album.

The English soundtrack does not include the lyrics. Instead, it’s just a slip of paper. The cover art is the same as The Music Crown cover, but the back of the booklet is different: the English version has a picture of Holmes Jr. playing a violin on it while the Japanese version has a London nights-cape picture. The back of the CD is different as well: the English back is just a fancy blue with some white designs while the Japanese version has a the cover picture and Big Ben and it looks really fancy. The JP one definitely wins out there. The paper behind where the CD is placed is different, too: the English version has a picture of a stage, while the Japanese version is just a blue-tented version of the cover image. While neither is super great, the English version wins for me just because it’s not the cover image. The front left of the CD is clear on both versions, so you can see through to the backing image: the English version just has the corner of the stage while the Japanese version says “Lady Mysteria Mini Album The Music Crown” there, which I like better. Finally, the CD’s for all three soundtracks have a different cover: Mysterious Symphony has Emily’s silhouette, a London backdrop, and some fanciness; The Music Crown has a gorgeous London night-scape, some sparkles, and a great border; the English soundtrack having several of the characters wearing school outfits on it. The best looking one by far is The Music Crown, though I appreciate the English release taking the time to make a new cover.

If you find the English soundtrack somewhere for sale, all you’d be missing out if you get it instead are the OP and ED of the original game release, and the booklets with lyrics and comments. Though I’m confident that just buying the two JP albums would be a lot cheaper than paying scalper prices XD.

I planned on discussing each of the London Detective Mysteria CD’s in their own separate posts with my thoughts on them, but it should be clear that if I own every CD of the series, I adore the music. It has a Victorian/ethereal/circus feel to it, and I love it. Whatever genre that is, it’s one of my ideal genres.

Should you buy?:

Disregarding the content of the game itself since I haven’t played it, I found the initial LRG price to be worth having a physical copy of the game. I adore physical copies and am willing to spend more on them than digital. As for the soundtrack, you’re not missing out on much getting the English version, but as I said, getting the JP ones would probably be cheaper.

I also posted the JP scans of both soundtracks, as well as all of the character CD’s for London Detective Mysteria here if you want to read them!

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