{Otome/Bishoujo Review} Love Rush~Krisantus

Love Rush follows a male floating head and a female floating head as they go around asking people out since they have a seven day deadline to get a date.

General Information:

  • Where to get: Newgrounds page
  • Cost: Free
  • Love Interests: Three (male), three (female)
  • Endings: Six, but basically three
  • Time to get all endings: Around 5 minutes

Okay, so I’m sure the main characters have bodies, but we just see their chibi heads floating around a map. The game looks like a board game, but it’s not as cool as that makes it sound. So this game is kind of a sim date, where you have a certain amount of energy you can use in a day then you have to go home and sleep to get more. Each day, you go to wherever the person you want to date is, ask them out, and if they say yes, you take them to the cinema, restaurant, and theme park. Once there, you have to pick between several options what you think the person would like the most. At leach location they have one thing they hate, one thing they love, and the rest are just fair. But, there’s a catch: what they like changes each time you play.

Each character has a heart meter. Choosing something they like raises it the most, then something they think is fair, then something they hate will remove some of the points. However, each day you have to take them home, which gives you half a heart. Once you have someone at five hearts (or 4 and a half), the next time you ask them out, they’ll say something like “I wanna see a sunset/lay in the grass/eat dinner”, and that will tell you what final choice you have to make in the end. After you get that from them, you can just sleep the rest of the time. On the last day, you pick whoever you want to ask out, pick where to take them (based on what they said earlier), and then get a super generic ending screen. The image quality is horrible, though at least the image changes based on where you go? Sadly, it does not changed based on if the person you take is female or male, so that’s why I said there was basically three endings. Whatever girl or guy wants to go to the beach has the same ending picture. Also, suddenly they fall in love with you? Okay.

This is one of the endings. You have experienced 1/3 of the game now lol

So in terms of characters, we have Mario, Bryan, Peter, Jessica, Emily, and Annie. They have literally the same personalities because their dialogue is almost identical. The females seem to all share the same dialogue and the males seem to all share the same dialogue.

Once I knew how to play really well, I beat someone’s “route” in less than a minute |D.

Should you play?:

Yeah, no. Don’t play this. It’s boring, there is no plot, everyone is the same, and there’s nothing good about it. At first, it looked like a board game, which would have been an interesting concept, but it’s not. It was just plain bad.

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