{Bishoujo Review} Kitty File 1.0~MakChan

You and Mak don’t remember last night and are trying to find your way home? I think? There wasn’t much of a plot really.

General Information:

  • Where to get: Newgrounds page
  • Cost: Free
  • Love Interests: Two (female)
  • Endings: Two (and a lot of bad endings that are the same)
  • First play through time: Around one minute
  • Time to get all endings: About five minutes

The creator says that they made this in five hours, and that they’re aware it’s low quality, so I’m not going to slam the game, but I am going to complain XD.

Some of the backgrounds are drawn while most are actual pictures. One of the pictures had a watermark of where it came from, which I found funny.


Mak has no personality. Kami has no personality. But you can meet Kami while she is in a box on the street…? It was surreal. Why is this girl in a box? And then later not? I preferred Kami over Mak just because she’s shown to like animals lol.

There’s a kind of fun search-and-find part game where you have to find a cat. However, you have to find this cat because the cat got lost…in a restaurant…that’s clearly an Asian restaurant…and Kami is worried that they’ll kill the cat… Um…yeah, so that’s racist.


Mak has a quiz that you have to pass, but one of the answers is dumb. You have to say that you don’t know the answer when a correct answer is actually available. This game is the “pick a wrong choice, automatic bad ending” type, but luckily, it’s so short that it didn’t matter much.

It’s odd, because you can skip seeing Kami in the box, go pass Mak’s quiz, then meet Kami in the restaurant and you act like you’ve met her. This is clearly a programming oversight, but again, it was made in five hours, so…

Also, I find it funny that the creator is Mak and the main girl is Mak.

Should you play?:

I mean, it wasn’t good, but I didn’t hate it. That racist part annoyed me. Well, okay, it got a surprised chuckle out of me over how overtly racist it was, but yeah, that was bad. I wouldn’t recommend it, but you probably won’t hate it if you play it, mainly just be confused.

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