{Walkthrough/Guide} Laito Sakamaki Route~Diabolik Lovers Limited V Edition English Patch

This is a guide for Laito’s Route based on the English patch released for the Diabolik Lovers Limited V Edition.

How to get each ending:

Ending 1: Have 60 M points

Ending 2: Have 40 S points and 20 M points

Ending 3: Have 20 S points and 40 M points

How Points Work:

At the end of each section, Dark, Maniac, and Ecstasy, you should gain 30 love points, and 20 S or M points. By the end of Dark, you should have 30 love points, Maniac 60, Ecstasy 90.

Love points are gotten in chapter 1-6 of each section, and S and M points are gotten in chapters 7-10. No points are gotten in prologue or epilogue chapters. Heaven options appear in chapters 7-10 at the end during the monologue.

You can tell if your choice is S if the chandelier in the background has purple pieces hanging from it. The pieces are blue if the choice is M.

Most Efficient Method for Unlocking Endings:

Once an ending is unlocked, it stays unlocked and you can read it at any time. The most efficient way to unlock the endings is to go for Ending 1 and pick all M choices (this is considered the Good Ending). Then, go back through the Ecstasy section and change all of those answers to the S options. You will then unlock Ending 3. After that,  go back to the Maniac section and change all of those answers to the S options. You will then unlock Ending 2.

You should pick the correct Heaven options your first play through, that way you don’t have to go back through the Dark scripts (just the Maniac and Ecstasy ones to unlock all endings). You will know you got the right Heaven choices if after each choice there is a blood splatter on the screen. The Heaven scenarios unlock after completing Ending 1.

The character profile for Laito will unlock once you have beaten all three of his endings.



Dark 01

  • Pick: No!

Dark 02

  • Pick: I have no clue

Dark 03

  • Pick: Wear the apron naked

Dark 04

  • Pick: Pervert!!

Dark 05

  • Pick: Food?

Dark 06

  • Pick: Shake him off

Dark 07

  • S Choice: Let him suck my blood
  • M Choice: Fine…

Heaven Choices to Pick:

  • A creature of the night
  • you

Dark 08

  • S Choice: Refuse
  • M Choice: Give up and read it

Heaven Choices to Pick:

  • when you make a deal with demons
  • Sakamaki mansion

Dark 09

  • S Choice: Shut up
  • M Choice: Yes; that’s right

Heaven Choices to Pick:

  • spying
  • my heart

Dark 10

  • S Choice: You’ll get punished
  • M Choice: Oh well

Heaven Choices to Pick:

  • toy, a plaything
  • didn’t get along, too



Maniac 01

  • Pick: No!

Maniac 02

  • Pick: It feels good

Maniac 03

  • Pick: Of course not

Maniac 04

  • Pick: Turn back

Maniac 05

  • Pick: Okay

Maniac 06

  • Pick: Something you want to try?

Maniac 07

  • S Choice: Resist him
  • M Choice: Be obedient

Heaven Choices to Pick:

  • offered me
  • why I’m here

Maniac 08

  • S Choice: Slap him
  • M Choice: Nod

Heaven Choices to Pick:

  • pleasure granted
  • heart issue

Maniac 09

  • S Choice: Tell me right now
  • M Choice: Please tell me

Heaven Choices to Pick:

  • vampire
  • reality

Maniac 10

  • S Choice: You pervert!
  • M Choice: Please stop it

Heaven Choices to Pick:

  • escalating
  • some sort of pleasure



Ecstasy 01

  • Pick: I don’t have any complaints

Ecstasy 02

  • Pick: I can’t

Ecstasy 03

  • Pick: Resist him

Ecstasy 04

  • Pick: Sleep somewhere else

Ecstasy 05

  • Pick: I’m glad

Ecstasy 06

  • Pick: Give up

Ecstasy 07

  • S Choice: Step on his foot
  • M Choice: Thank him

Heaven Choices to Pick:

  • first bride
  • jealous

Ecstasy 08

  • S Choice: Stab me!
  • M Choice: Please help me!

Heaven Choices to Pick:

  • isn’t mine
  • take over

Ecstasy 09

  • S Choice: Stop him already!
  • M Choice: …Stop!

Heaven Choices to Pick:

  • to Laito-kun
  • Cordelia in me

Ecstasy 10

  • S Choice: Please stop it!
  • M Choice: Forgive me…

Heaven Choices to Pick:

  • promise
  • proclamation of love


Heaven stories

The choices you make don’t impact the outcome, so pick whatever you like.

Guide Index

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