{Bishoujo Review} You’re a Lucky Guy~SomeSomebody

You find a really pretty person online and set up a date. Their profile says they’re male, but they’re so pretty, you assume they can’t be male, so the basic plot of the game is already immediately dumb.

General Information:

  • Where to get: Newgrounds page
  • Cost: Free
  • Love Interests: One (female)
  • Endings: One (you can lose, but it just lets you start over where you are)
  • Time to beat: About five minutes

This game has VN moments with mini-games. These mini-games are not easy. Luckily, if you fail, you restart at the beginning of the mini-game. The first one you have to run to the cafe, and you barely have enough time, as birds and cosplayers are running toward you and jumping around.  The second one is a maze, but it’s SO ZOOMED IN. OH MY GOSH. IT’S SO HARD. Spoiler, the exit is near the top right. You’ll thank me later if you play. The final mini-game is you trying to not get a brain-freeze by repeatedly clicking the mouse/pressing the space bar. The directions were confusing and I wasn’t sure if I was doing it right.

The game has Engrish sometimes, such as the lose screen saying “You is lose” and the bad brain-freeze instructions.

Xian Sheng

The guy you can get with is Xian Sheng. He is very pretty. The character sprite is based off of, and uses the same mannerisms, as Sayaka from Danganronpa.

While some of the dialogue choices seemed to make Xian Sheng mad, I didn’t get a game over, so I’m not sure how important the choices actually are.

Should you play?:

That maze game was stressful. That alone makes the game not worth it in my eyes XD. I wouldn’t recommend it.

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