{Otome Review} My World, My Way~Atlus

Elise is a princess who wants to find a handsome man to marry. An adventurer (the purple-haired guy on the cover) comes to one of her balls and she is immediately smitten. Too bad he’s a jerk and refuses to acknowledge her existence because she’s royalty and not an adventurer. Elise sets off on an adventure to prove her adventuring worth, all the while, the entire adventure (towns, bosses, dungeons, etc.) are being commissioned by her father.

The big selling point of the game is Elise’s “pout” mechanism. She has the ability to pout so much that things pop in and out of existence. She can change the scenery, paralyze enemies, make monsters stronger/weaker, increase item chance, etc. all with the powers of “pouting.” I have to say, the gimmick was pretty fun.

The game is a turn-based battle system. Outside of town, you have a map in sections where you can go to and there find enemies/items. In dungeons, you actually walk around as Elise and explore them.

The biggest downfall of the game would be its repetition. Elise goes to a town and needs a gate key to leave. To get that key, she has to do quests for the townsfolk. That wouldn’t be so bad except that the quests are generally “go to this place and kill 20 of this enemy” or “go to this place and collect 10 of this item”. It got very boring, very fast. There aren’t all that many enemies either, so you just keep seeing the same ones over and over again.

Turns out that this game is related to “Master of the Monster Lair” as the main characters in it appear in this game. So I looked it up and almost all of the assets from that game are reused in this one. The enemies, dungeons, some of the game mechanics, etc. are all reused. With visual novels, sure it’s fine is sprites are reused from the original game to the fandisc or backgrounds, but with these two seemingly separate games, I can’t help but feel like it’s worse. Maybe I’m being weird lol. Also, this game takes place after “Master of the Monster Lair”, so the characters from it are older, and the main character Owen is looking pretty good now <_<.

The pout mechanic is very cheat. It was designed to let players skip some of the annoying things in RPG’s like quests. You can pout your way out of quests (though I never did). The pout mechanism’s true use comes into play with battles. You can pout to paralyze an enemy (usually just for a turn if it’s a boss). You eventually get a slime partner, so you can have Elise pout and have the partner attack until she runs out of pout points (PP). This made bosses way easier than they should have been. I beat the final boss just by pouting to paralyze them.

Now as for the slime partner, they have a cool ability where they don’t level up. Instead, when fighting, after a battle, you can have them take on some of the stats of the enemies. I found that the best stats come from the big slimes as they can increase your slime’s health to over 600. You can also name your pink slime partner. There is also a guy, Nero (the red haired guy on the cover) that Elise’s father has hired to follow Elise around to make sure she doesn’t die. He was a pretty nice guy and I liked him. Elise starts off with a bird, Paro, that travels with her. He isn’t a partner in that he can’t attack as a separate person, but he can learn magic while Elise can’t, so he allows her to use magic that counts for her turn in battles.

The biggest plus for me was seeing Elise become a better person as the game went on. I was rooting for her the whole time even though she was a bit of a turd to people. She was never a bad person; she’s just spoiled and it’s made her uppity.

The ending has people divided. I found the ending to be too short, but I didn’t dislike the ending. I think Elise made the right choice, and there are hints toward some future developments. It would have been much better had the ending have been longer.

Another downfall is that once you head to the last town, you can never leave it. This is because once you beat the final boss, you can’t save or go to another town. There is no “after the ending” content.

Play-time wise, it took me around 30ish hours to beat, but that’s doing all the quests, never skipping anything with pouts, etc.

I also had to hardcore grind at the end, and I don’t mean fighting. I mean I went back to the first town and spent money to increase Elise’s stats for super cheap. Sadly, it’s cheap, but it raises the stats one at a time, so I wound up watching a movie and monotonously paying to raise my stats. It took so long.

Should you play?:

I don’t play RPG’s much, but I found most of this game to not be too difficult. It’s a good starting game for someone just getting into RPG’s. It’s rare to play as a spoiled princess character, so Elise’s perspective was fun. Now, if you want this as an otome game (like I went into it for), you’ll probably be disappointed. I’ll leave it at that lol. Overall, I’d recommend the game if you want a fairly easy RPG and don’t mind some repetition, but if you want it for an otome game, go ahead and skip it.

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