{Otome Review} Les Fleursword~SakuraGame/Paradise Project {18+}

Adelaide is a lead knight whose father used to be the head of all the knights. She gets a personal mission from her father (along with Phil), and while there, she gets cursed by Marlowe and is set to die a horrible death as all her strength is taken from her. Now her man of choice must find the cure.

General Information:

  • Where to get: Steam
  • Cost: $2 (thought it’s frequently on sale)
  • Love Interests: Three (male)
  • Endings: 4
  • First play through time: About two hours
  • Time to get all endings: Around four hours (with cats and laughter)

I’m going to split this review into two. There is a clear distinction between the game itself and the notoriously terrible English “translation.” The game itself shouldn’t be viewed terribly because of the “localization” (though that game isn’t all that great anyway lol).

The “Translation”

As I said, this game has a notoriously bad English “translation.” There are numerous articles discussing how bad the “translations” are, how SakuraGame/Paradise Project uses machine translations, how they have bad business practices, steal copyrighted things, don’t pay royalties, etc. Here are some informative places discussing the company and its issues:

So how bad is the “translation”? I play a lot of bad games, and a lot of them have poor English. I think I have a higher tolerance than a lot of people do for poor English. Most of the “translations” in this game I understood, and they were easy enough to understand that I didn’t feel that it hindered my playing speed all that much, though you have to accept that you’re getting “the gist” of the sentence and not all the nuances or the full meaning. I still hard to parse everything and takes parts of sentences and move them around.

Then there were some things that made almost no sense.

One of the most annoying  things for me was how eventually, all of the dialogue ended in ? Every single dialogue line ended in that, so it made it seem like nobody was sincere and constantly asking hypothetical questions (which admittedly made things funny sometimes XD). The translation also gets character’s names wrong and genders, like calling Yuphia “Sofia” instead, and calling him both male and female in the same paragraph.

There is a difference between a game being made in English by people who don’t know English well, a game being translated to the best of one’s ability but they put in honest effort, and SakuraGame. The first two, I can accept. If someone wants to make a game in English and they don’t know English super well, go for it. You tried your best, and when this happens, companies are often open to patching it with corrections once they are aware the translation isn’t great (mainly if it’s a small company).  If a company wants to translate their game into English and it winds up being a bit weird, but they honestly tried to make it good, they just lack enough English knowledge, I can accept that. It’s a bit annoying, but I can appreciate the effort, and again, they often will patch it (mainly if it’s a small company). Small companies trying their best at English I can accept. But then you get things like SakuraGame. There was no “trying their best” here. This was all about money and recognition for releasing a bunch of cheap games, and it’s a disservice to the original game and creators who most likely have no idea SakuraGame is so terrible at “translating.”

Other annoyances are that they change the spellings of character’s names, call characters by another character’s name, and the names on the Steam page don’t match the names in-game half the time. I’m going to use the store page names in this review since that’s easier as that isn’t constantly changing.

In closing, if you play this game, you will get the general idea of most of the lines. Some will make no sense at all, but most will be understandable. It won’t be fun. You as the player have to put in work to play this game, and the work wouldn’t be necessary had the translation been good. If this were a strategy game, sure, effort is needed, but this game shouldn’t require effort. The best way to play this would be to go in and laugh at it. Maybe get with some friends and all play it together and get some kicks out of the terrible translation. Of course, that’d mean supporting SakuraGame, so, maybe don’t do that.

The Actual Game

Trying to put the translation out of my mind, this game is not that great anyway.  The game only has a few dialogue choices,  so it’s practically a kinetic VN. The game is split into chapters, but each chapter takes only about two-five minutes or so, so you’re asked to save a lot. But, that’s good since there is no save button. You can only save after each chapter.

The game has a CG area, but it’s at the end of each route and you have to save there and load any time you want to go back. It was a really dumb system when they could have just put a CG menu button in the main menu. The sprites are stagnant on the screen, their expressions never changing, but next to the dialogue boxes, they have sprites of the character’s heads with emotions for whoever is talking. Why not just make the actual sprite’s heads change?

This game has very sexist themes, and it got annoying and depressing after a while. Adelaide literally said “I threw the identity of being a lady when I decided to be a knight,” and she constantly had issues with her gender identity as she is female but feels she has to be male due to the society. This is perpetuated by many of the townsfolk thinking she actually is male. She says she hates her female body as she views it as being weaker than men and that she can’t be a true knight if she’s female, and she feels her father is disappointed in her being female. She also literally said she was unlucky to be born female. She only feels like she’s glad to be female when she’s being banged by someone because if she weren’t female, she couldn’t be with them like that (unless they’re not heterosexual, but guess that’s not an option). Her entire being is dictated by her will to be a knight, so she is consumed with these terrible thoughts about her gender and identity. That feels like an awful lot of social commentary for such a short game advertised for its banging, but okay then.


Whenever I play games, I take notes on things I want to talk about or just random thoughts, and I have “this guy (Yuphio) is embarrassed and blushing and she’s like ‘he must be angry and his face is getting red.’ You dumb ho.” Adelaide is incredibly dense. I think a lot of this goes back to her identity. She doesn’t think men can like her since she doesn’t feel female/they view her as male. She’s not only dense about romance, she’s also dense about magic. She saw Marlowe perform magic (fireballs and stuff like that) and is still like “this must 100% be fake.” To make it worse, everyone is like this! She doesn’t believe this curse is real even when she feels physical pain from it, and the other guys don’t believe it either! HOW?!

The curse has a cure that requires items, so that’s a big part of the plot. The guys go out to find these items, but we don’t see their journey. It would have been way more interesting had we seen them go and struggle to find these special items. The translation also had Adelaide call her curse mark “a mole,” which is not right lol.

Also, these guy descriptions are going to be a bit more spoiler-ie than normal, but that’s because I want it to be clear how sexual-assaultie things get.


The first guy I did (lol) was Phil. Phil is one of Adelaide’s knights. He goes on the mission with her that gets her cursed, so he’s in on everything that’s happening to her. It’s clear he has the hots for her the whole time, but again, she’s too dense/troubled to realize this. I never found Phil attractive. He’s nice, but that’s about it. My biggest complaint about him is his banging scene. He pretty much forces himself on her by shoving her down and restraining her with his hands without having any consent. She wasn’t that into Phil before this, and wasn’t that into him during it. She only realized she liked him once they were banging and she realized she didn’t hate it. Um, what??? You read that right. They were already banging once she realized she was okay with it. I didn’t see any consent here. She was okay with it after a bit, but like…he forced himself on her??? It doesn’t matter if she was okay with it later, she wasn’t okay with it when “the dark deed” was done, so that’s rape, right??? Also, she felt bad the whole time because of the curse, so she actually passed out after banging. Yep, totally the best time to bang.

He also wants to become a captain since she can’t date him in his current lower position. But also boom, sexism. Part of his motivation is that if he gets to be a captain like her, she can quit. Thanks, I hate it.

So yeah, I don’t like Phil, and the translation doesn’t either cause at one point it called him “Fail” instead, which made me fall over laughing. Also, if this game had bad endings, Phil’s would totally be a yandere bad ending.


Yuphio is the tsundere guy. He treats Adelaide like crap, but she treats him like crap too, so whatever. I liked him more than Phil since Phil felt like a lost puppy following her around while Yuphio was sassier. His banging scene wasn’t nearly as bad as they were kind of getting a bit touchy-feely beforehand, though he still shoved her down and forced himself on her. It just felt more consensual. I felt like she had more chemistry with Yuphio than Phil just because they bickered a lot XD.

Yuphio’s expression in his CG’s also make him look really creepy. I don’t wanna spoil that, so I won’t post it, but take my word for it lol. Yuphio’s route also said as they were banging “ash flowed out of her,” so that made me fall over, too. He also at one point just said “N????” which was hilarious, too.


Marlowe is the best character, and the hottest, and the clear OTP XD. He’s the one who cursed Adelaide, and while it seems like the game wouldn’t be able to think of a way for them to fall for each other, but it did a……kinda okay job. Adelaide feels they have similar goals, both being willing to sacrifice themselves for their people. And they never say they “love” each other when they bang, just that that “like” each other, so given Adelaide’s lack of a sense of self preservation, her liking him made enough sense XD. I don’t get why he liked her other than her being insanely nice to him when she shouldn’t have. Maybe that turned him on or something lol.

So, Marlowe’s route introduces a new….”mechanic.” He says that if she “consumes the bodily fluids of the person who put the curse on her, it’ll help alleviate some of the curse for a bit.” ….So naturally I’m like “he’s making this up to bang, isn’t he?” XD. He said any liquid would work, and tells her that if she has a vampire kink, she can bite him LOL. So they make-out a bit instead. Bless. I was honestly worried they were gonna bang because of this. Marlowe had the most wholesome banging scene though, which is ironic since he was the “villain.”
A few funny translation things in his route. At points, the text would all be mashed up against the left margin, there was some JP text at one point, he “fondled her neck,” she said his face looked like “boiled octopus” while having sex lol, and it said “shilly-shally” for some reason, which I will now have to use.
There is also a normal ending where she doesn’t get with anyone, but it’s implied she likes Marlowe, so he really is the OTP XD.
Another complaint is that the game is censored, and you can uncensor it with a patch, but the censoring is hilarious and isn’t even always censored. So the game has the trailer/OP video in it, and that just has NSFW images with no censoring regardless of if you’ve patched it or not. And otherwise, you get titty flowers.
The video that plays at the end of routes shows CG’s in a blue tint, but the flowers aren’t tinted, so you have a blue screen and pink titty flowers XD.

Squicky Meter:

Even without the NSFW patch, the CG’s are very squicky, and I’m sure without it, they’re super squicky. The game also has what I’d consider rape, which just adds to it, making this game Super Squicky.

Should you play?:

The game itself, disregarding the “translation,” is just fair. It’s not very long, the game has a lot of annoying mechanics, and Adelaide and Phil aren’t very likeable. If the game were fairly cheap, I’d say go buy the original JP one.

BUT, with this terrible English translation, ew, no, don’t buy it. Don’t feed into SakuraGame’s money schemes. Their otome games do go on sale a lot on Steam and can be bought for cents, but I can’t in good conscious say to support them. This would make a hilarious game to play while having a party, but again, please don’t buy it XD.

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