{Bishoujo Review} Babestation~Gamestation

You play as some guy who needs to invite three girls to a dance party for some reason. Why three? I guess the MC’s as big a ho as these girls are.

General Information:

  • Where to get: y8.com
  • Cost: The game is free
  • Love Interests: Three (female)
  • Time to beat: Around 30 minutes

This game is an excuse to self-plug Gamestation and promote it with boobs and scantily clad women. The party is by Gamestation, so it’s a self-plug, and the game store in the game is Gamestation, so that’s a self-plug. “Gamestation” is constantly in the top left corner of the screen, too.

So about the boobs. All the girls are wearing unrealistically skimpy outfits. I get it; video game characters often don’t look very realistic, especially with their fashion, but these were just wild, mainly the gamer girl, Kylie.

Who wears a camo bikini to the arcade??? And they all have fur on their outfits, and at the end, you see Christmas lights, so I think this might take place in Winter, which makes the outfits more insane. The rock girl is at a rave, so I can kinda accept her outfit, and the sporty girl isn’t wearing anything worse than a sports bra or something, so I can get that. But Kylie. Please. There’s kids at the arcade. Think of the children.

This game has two different artists as you may have noticed comparing the title screen to the sprites, but let me show the rock girl.

Totally different artist. The zoomed out versions look anime-esque, but the zoomed in one looks very Western. The difference was staggering, especially since I felt the anime version looked a lot better lol.

A weird, but not shocking, mechanic is how often they shake their boobs. Choose the correct dialogue option? Boob shake. Did they say something nice? Boob shake. Finish their route? Boob shake and a wink. Their sprites also breath, and it makes their boobs like…grow??? It was really weird. So like the rock girl, as she breathed, her boobs would kinda grow and her corset would actually pull apart a bit they grew so much XD.

So, game play-wise, it’s like most dating sims. You have health, and everything you do takes away from it. You have three skills, athleticism, intelligence, and charm, and each one impacts one of the girls and a job. I’d recommend raising all of your stats to max first and ignoring the girls, then going and buying the outfits. There are expensive outfits and cheaper outfits, but…I have no idea what the difference is??? You have to wear the rock outfit for the rock girl, etc. in order for them to just talk to you.

Once you can talk to them, you have to ask questions and remember their responses. After a few clicks, they’ll get mad, then you have to spam talking to them until they ask you to repeat their answer to your question, and if you get it right, their affection improves and bonus boob shake.

You can buy them video games, that are actual videos games which I’m sure is totally legal. The first seven games for sale are for the sporty girl, the second seven are for the rock girl, and the last seven are for Kylie. Kylie says she likes RPG’s, but the games you give her aren’t RPG’s, so it took me a while to figure out the whole seven games thing and make her not hate me. One realistic thing is you can’t give a girl the same gift twice since why would they want the same game again?

The end of the game has all the girls at this dance party, and…it’s glorious. It was hilarious, and just, gosh, it made those 30 or so minutes worth it. I laughed so much.

All of the girls are mean. They constantly belittle you until you’ve raised your affection a decent amount, and even then, due to how the question and answer thing works, they get mad after asking questions, so they’re always mean XD.

You might notice how I’ve only said Kylie. That’s because I never found out the other girl’s names. Maybe if I did more question and answer things I’d find out, but I never found out their names, and that honestly makes them going to a dance party with the MC and shaking their boobs all the funnier.

It might just be me, but the music in the game was really loud, so I had to mute it.

Also, to raise charm, you have to talk to Billy, the Gamestation store worker since he’s “a legend” with the ladies. His pick up lines are not that smooth. Just sayin.

Should you play?:

I gotta say, I enjoyed myself even if the game actually isn’t that good lol. The core dating sim mechanics are there, so that was fair, I just didn’t like any of the girls. Honestly, the dance scene at the end was so funny to me, it made the whole game worth it. Would I recommend it? The women are objectified and there are so many other sim dates that are good, so no.


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