{BL/Bishoujo Review} Dingdang Rompers Dating Game~komeyada {Danganronpa Fangame}

This is a dating sim not meant to be taken seriously (as said by the creators) where Makoto travels around Brazil and meets different DR1  characters to date.

General Information:

  • Where to get: tumblr page
  • Cost: Free
  • Love Interests:  7 (male), 7 (female)
  • Endings: 15
  • First play through time: Around 3 minutes
  • Time to get all endings: About 15 minutes

The game has a map of Brazil and you select different cities to go to with different DR1  characters you can interact with. Each character has at least one CG drawn by komeyada. The game also had an OP video, which was unexpected.

As the creators said, this game is silly and not meant to be taken seriously. For the most part, the character’s don’t act like themselves, there are a bunch of musical references, and the dialogue is nonsensical.

Byakuya had the longest ending and was the only character to get two CG’s. The CG’s are really cute and I like the art style.

This game does spoil one DR1 plot point about a character, so play at your own risk.

Should you play?:

The game is so nonsensical that it can be entertaining. Some of the musical references got a bit annoying after a while, but I enjoyed most of the experience. That’s really what this game is: an experience. So if you don’t mind being confused most of the time, give the game a go.

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