{Unboxing} Bakudan★Handan Limited Edition {Japanese Version}






Sweet Fuse is one of my favorite otome games that Aksys has brought over, and it was a big reason I tried out Danganronpa and Zero Escape. I feel like it gets really overlooked since it seemed like a really random game to bring over. People hadn’t really heard of it before. I checked out what the JP limited edition of the game came with and how much it cost, and it’s pretty cheap. I wound up getting mine for $8.

I can’t get over how much better the English cover of the game is lol.


So the limited edition comes with the game and a little box. The box has a drama CD and an art book.


The art book has character profiles, game info, CG’s, backgrounds, and a lot of character sketches. The character sketches were the most interesting part as you can see different designs for the characters. It was also funny seeing the JP ages of the characters compared to the aged-up English release XD. The drama CD is called 恋の経験値★教えます!, and I think it has all of the guys in it. I see the art book and drama CD for sale online fairly often for less than $5 each if you get an limited edition used and it’s missing one of them.

Should you buy it?:

The limited edition is really cheap now, so for any fans of the game, it’s a really fun collectible. The art book’s sketches are fun to look through, and there’s a lot of them.


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