{Unboxing} Omochabako no Kuni no Alice PSP Deluxe Edition







Omochabako’s box is d(・∀・○). It’s eye-catching, colorful, and just looks fun. Since Blood and Boris ranked high on popularity contests, I get putting them on the cover, even though I think they should have put something dealing with the Wizard and the Master aspect of the game to highlight it more.

The drama CD that comes with the deluxe edition has a bunch of characters. It includes Blood Dupre, Tweedle Dee and Dum, Elliot March, Vivaldi, Mary Gowland, Peter White, Pierce Villiers, and Ace. What a combo. The Hatters and the castle crew.

The book has art, short manga, game information, character descriptions, short stories, etc. as per usual. It includes manga of Joker and Elliot March, and short stories of Blood Dupre and Gray Ringmarc. The Joker and Elliot stories have English scanlations: Joker is here and Elliot is here.

Should you buy it?:

The price of this one varies between $50-80 or so. This is by far one of my favorite Alice boxes. The Joker manga is great, so I’d recommend it for that alone lol.

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