{BL Review} Lucario Dating Sim 2~2Mickennxtre68

You play as Aaron from the Lucario and the Mystery of Mew movie as he forgets his memory and forms a bond with Riolu/Lucario. It also has shooting elements like Touhou that are hard, but it doesn’t matter cause you can die and still win.

General Information:

  • Where to get: Newgrounds page
  • Cost: Free
  • Love Interests: Lucario (Male)
  • Endings: One
  • Time to beat: Less than 10 minutes

So to advance the story, you have to click on keys…in alphabetical order. So you go A, next line of text, B, next line C, etc. And if you miscount or press A when you’re not supposed to, the scene starts over. The game says to hit buttons A B C D E F G and no others. It needs to say “etc.” or something to let us know to not stop at G. I stopped at G and my game kept looping and I thought I broke it.

As my plot summary up to showed, this plot was kinda all over the place. The game was so short the amnesia part didn’t make sense because someone was talking to Aaron telepathically I guess, but we don’t figure out who.

Eventually near the end, the bond with Lucario makes you not get hurt, so you’re being attacked BUT THERE’S STILL TEXT ON THE BOTTOM. So this monster is flying around and you’re trying to read the text and you just can’t and it’s terrible.

There is a noticeable art improvement aside from one of the human character sprites. There was a Sonic x Lucario combo enemy sprite (Lucario head, Sonic body) which was funny lol.

Also, at one point, it says  “Riolu made the long days recovering in bed a million times better” and my mind went places.

Should you play?:

It’s clear more effort and love went into this game, but it just didn’t work. The controls made no sense, the Touhou style parts did nothing, and the plot was kind of confusing (since it takes place before the first game). I enjoyed the first one more even if it was way more simplistic.



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