{Unboxing} Daiya no Kuni no Alice PSP Deluxe Edition






Beyond Daiya’s deluxe edition, all the others run for $90 to $350, so this is the last Alice one I have right now LOL. Fun fact, people tend to translate the game as Dia no Kuni, so Diamond no kuni. But, “daiya” can also mean like a railroad time schedule, which coincides with how Daiya introduces the trains station, and how Wonderland is the land of time. The meaning gets lost when people translate it as Diamond, but I get why people do it (guilty as charged).

The drama CD that comes with this one has Joker, Blood Dupre, and Elliot March. That can only end beautifully.

The book has art, game information, short manga, character descriptions, short stories, etc. like always. It has manga for Jericho and Tweedle Dee and Dum, and short stories for Elliot March and Sidney Black.

Should you buy it?:

We have reached the “only buy it if you adore the series” level. This and anything beyond it are really expensive. I adore it, but this is really only worth it for hardcore fans of the series unless the price drops a lot.

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