{Otome Review} Unmoor~MariLuzaria {18+}

Louisa has dreams of being a sailor, and has all the knowledge and experience to become one. Her father becomes indebted, but before she can pay off the debt, Viardo comes and takes possession of their boat. Now she must sneak on board and try to get her boat back, all while disguised as a boy.

General Information:

  • Where to get: Steam
  • Cost: $8
  • Love Interests: Four (male)
  • Endings: 7
  • First play through time: About an hour
  • Time to get all endings: Around three hours (and that’s playing it alongside a friend and discussing it with them as we played)

I have a thing for pirates, so I was really excited for this one. The art is also generally really nice. However, I was a bit disappointed because the game could have been so much more, but it was hindered by being short. Each route will take an hour or so (except the side route), and the whole game spans over about two weeks. So each guy falls for her in two week’s time, and some of that they think she’s a guy.

The game has some plot inconsistencies. One glaring one is some of the characters have prepared for a very specific instance, going so far as to have a meeting place and a letter written, before the specific situation even happens. With that, the meeting place was also a bit confusing since it implied that the area had changed since the last time they were there, so how could they meet in a place that changed? It was just a really confusing situation. Also, her hands are said to be super smooth, but while she was away at a university for a bit, she also worked on a ship for years, so her hands would probably still be jacked up (at least I’d assume so).

Look at how beautiful this background is

The game has a section where you can listen to the BGM (sadly not the OP, which is sung in Russian with English subs).  It also has a profile section. Before the game came out I believe, Chuddah, a Steam user who has done proofing for otome games, was hired/asked to help proof the game’s translation. She did a great job, and I only noticed one mistype. However, it’s clear she was only given the script. The English on the profile pages is…not good. Aside from there though, it’s all fine. I’ve seen some Steam users say that the English translation actually reads better than the original Russian. There is one line still in Russian (not an important line). I saw the dev say they fixed one line that was left over, but I guess this one was missed.

Another big issue is that the game defaults to Russian. So you have to pick the second from the bottom button and change it to English. The game also has a skip read text feature, but it doesn’t work once you’re set on a route, even if the dialogue overlaps.

A big positive is that the routes branch off very early. Some of the same events happen, but there isn’t some massive common route. The characters also all have outfit changes! Even Louisa. Only Beatrice and some other side characters didn’t. The characters also blinked. Those were really nice features I wasn’t expecting.

Now onto the characters! The game addresses most by last name, so I will as well because I low-key forgot their first names. Oops.

Louisa (dressed as Lou)

Louisa is clearly supposed to be a strong, independent woman who don’t need no man, so to do this, she’s a bit of a Mary Sue. She can get out of almost any situation on her own, and knows everything about boats, even more so than some of the sailors. This is supposed to make her seem strong, but the only fights we see her in she loses lol. It felt odd since she was amazing at literally everything else, but this gave way to her having to be a damsel in distress. If you’re gonna have her be a Mary Sue, just keep it up. The guys don’t have to save her, come on. I did like how she was proactive and did jump into the fray of things. She is having to face a time where almost everyone thinks women can’t run a ship well (including the LI’s), so I can live with a Mary Sue since at least she wasn’t a doormat the whole time XD. She does have some secret stuff going on that makes her more interesting, but also more Mary Sue, so…


There’s an important side character, Beatrice, who helps Louisa get on board. I really wish she got more development because she was a fun character and very sly. She gets Louisa (going by Louis or Lou while dressed as a boy) onto the boat by telling people that he’s her servant who had a tragic thing happen to him. I won’t spoil it, but while it was a good idea, it was super drastic. I think Beatrice’s face looks kinda odd. I don’t really know how to describe it though XD.

Vay (look at the eyes on this sprite XD)

The first route I did was Vay since he felt the least plot relevant. He’s one of the sailors on the ship and is close with Marten. He’s a nice guy, nothing really wrong with him. He was pretty boring at the start, though he got more interesting by the end. One of Vay’s sprites, the one where he’s smiling super wide, makes his eyes look scary. Naturally, that’s the pic I’m including of him LOL. This game is 18+, and Vay is the only one who doesn’t get a somewhat nude CG. Poor Vay XD.

Wild Wolf

Off of Vay’s route, you can branch into Wild Wolf’s route. It’s funny, cause you learn a lot about him even before branching off, so Vay’s route felt a bit like Wild Wolf’s by the end. Wild Wolf is a well-known pirate and is the guy that attacks you. Because she’s not with him that long, her falling for him (while on Vay’s route no less) felt forced. I liked Wild Wolf a lot and wish he had a full route. We learn a heck of a lot about him, and it’s played off as him being drunk and monologuing, which was a good excuse, but he didn’t have time to get drunk by that point, so there’s another plot hole (unless he was lying about it). He had the steamiest 18+ CG XD.


Marten is the player who likes the ladies, and also the captain of the ship. He’s a nice guy who assumes that Louisa is gay because she keeps staring at Viardo LOL. I go for the spicy/flirty guys, so Marten was my fave. He’s also very diplomatic, often using discussions and diplomacy to solve problems rather than underhanded means or violence. He’s also overall very nice to his crew. While Viardo doesn’t value Louisa much because she’s female, Marten doesn’t want her sailing more so out of concern, which was kinda sweet even though it was still sexist XD. His ending was also very cute. I enjoyed his ending the most I believe.


Viardo is the OTP most likely as his route is the most different from the other two main routes. He’s pretty much a jerk the whole time. There’s two bad endings in the game, and one branches off of his route, and man, did it make me dislike him a lot. Even if his good ending was cute, I couldn’t get over how sucky his bad ending was, cause it showed his mentality was sucky pretty far into the route. I guess it was more realistic since Marten and Vay (and Wild Wolf) fall for her super fast and Viardo didn’t, but considering every other route felt like a romance novel cliche, having Viardo’s not feel like that was jarring. He does get some points for looking like a vampire pirate, though XD.

There’s two bad endings and a “non-romantic but still good ending” as well. One bad ending, as said above, sucked lol. Another wasn’t pleasant, but added some interesting information. The good ending was fine.

Play Order:

I would suggest the order I played in, so Vay>Wild Wolf>Marten>Viardo for plot reasons.

Squicky Meter:

All but Vay have a steamy CG with partial nudity, Wild Wolf’s being the most intense and indicative of NSFW activities lol. They aren’t explicit though, and the dialogue isn’t detailed, so it’s a medium level squicky (Wild Wolf’s CG being a bit closer to pretty squicky).

Should you play?:

I paid $2.56 when the game was on sale. The game is short, but it’s definitely worth $2.56. If it’s worth $8, that’s more a decision for you. It took me 3-4 hours to beat completely. The plot had some cliches and holes, but it was a fun romp. The art is really nice, as well as the backgrounds (barring that one Vil sprite XD). If I were to rank it on a scale of 1/10, I’d probably give it a 5 or 6. It’s pretty average, but it was still enjoyable. If it’s on sale, I’d recommend it, otherwise, use your own discretion on if it’s too expensive.


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