{Platform Game Review} Lucario Dating Sim 2.5: You Can (Not) Advance~2Mickennxtre68

This was an April Fools game created to showcase some of the different technical things that 2Mickennxtre68 was working on at the time, as well as showcase art.

General Information:

  • Where to get: Newgrounds page
  • Cost: Free
  • Love Interests: Lucario (Male) (there isn’t really any romance in this lol)
  • Endings: ???
  • Time to beat: I played it through twice and got two different endings of sorts, though the game is really random and jumps from scene to scene, so I might have missed places.

As said above, this game doesn’t make sense, it flips genres, there is no rhyme or reason. Since I was playing the other Lucario dating sim games, I wanted to include this one for completeness’ sake. The game is also two player XD.

There was a drastic art and animation improvement. Since this game was meant to showcase that, it did its job.

Should you play?:

There’s no real reason to. Might as well just jump to the next game in the series as you won’t be missing anything.

3 thoughts on “{Platform Game Review} Lucario Dating Sim 2.5: You Can (Not) Advance~2Mickennxtre68”

  1. Hey there. So, developer of these games, here. I go by Mickennxtre68 usually, since my 2Mickennxtre68 is just because I got locked out of my previous Newgrounds account! So yes there are even more older games than those on my current page lol!
    So, let me just begin by saying these reviews were a joy to read. I make all the art, code and story in these games myself, just about the only thing I steal from Nintendo games is music. So, hearing you praise the art or writing in some of these games made my heart soar!
    It is a pleasure to see someone actually took the time to review these games because I really put my heart into them.
    So to answer a few of your questions!
    1. The main character is male. I actually just released a new Lucario sim just yesterday which confirms this funny enough haha! More info on that new game at the end of this comment.
    2. I started making these games in junior high, and did it as wish fulfillment and a test of my coding abilities. Lucario was part of the reason I realized I was bisexual, and I am a cis male. Although I left it vague until now so that anyone could enjoy it.
    3. This game is just a joke haha! You got it perfect. It was basically a test of my programming abilities at making a scrolling platformer, with some Boss like levels (like in the first level where you chase Lucario, or the final level where you are riding on top of popping bubbles, and then flying a ship.
    Basically I just had all these Assets that I was going to use in the next Game, Lucario Dating Sim 3 but I wanted to release something before the end of the year. I do this a lot with my games! Lol!
    Oh, and funny enough I actually just released a new Lucario sim. It’s called Lucario College Dating Sim. I made all these old games while I was still in high school but now I just finished my first year of college and made this game about my new college dating experiences.

    This new game I’m pretty proud of so if you check it out feel free to review it if ya want, and you can add me on Discord if you have one:

    This is all just really cool, thank you!


    1. Ahhhh! Thank you for responding. It’s really cool to hear background info on the games XD. I’ll change my tags and titles to reflect that the main character is male. I kinda assumed it once I hit the second game, but I wasn’t sure lol. I mean, Lucario is pretty spicy, so I understand making a game for him XD. I hadn’t played a Pokemon sim date before, I when I saw Lucario ones, I figured I’d give them a shot.

      Wow, you weren’t kidding when you said just released. I’ll have to check it out once I finish the other Lucario games before it. I haven’t gotten to the third one yet. I also looked at your old account. I’m not a huge platformer, so I probably won’t play Quantum Quest, but it also looks like QQ 1 and 2 aren’t on your account? Unless you have an even older one XD.

      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment! Even if a game isn’t super polished or something, it’s pretty easy to tell when a lot of love went into them, so I think that should be praised rather than insult someone for working on a passion project.


      1. Oh that’s awesome! Thanks for checking out my old page, haha!
        Yeah, I’m not too into Platform games either actually! That’s why I started removing em from my Lucario games to return to the most fun part of dating sims for me! The multiple choices and endings.
        Lucario Dating Sim 3 has mandatory platform levels and only 1 ending, just like this game but the graphics are (to toot my own horn) the most polished my games have been.
        However, now that I’m finally doing old style dating sims again, the newest one is all back to multiple dialogue choices and endings. If you do check that one out I hope you like it! And any advice you have I’ll take into account since I plan on it being an episodic series!
        Anyway if you want to interview me for a review or you just wanna ask me more I can link my discord! I tried to link this before but it didn’t work lol!
        Also if you don’t have discord I can give some of my other social media’s


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