{Otome/Yuri Review} Colors of a Feather~waffrus


Brooke moves to a new town and a bird lands on her head. It leaves behind a blue feather, and that night, Brooke can only see the color blue. Her color sight returns after some time passes, and from then on, it’s a pretty standard sim-date where you go around town and events happen.

General Information:

  • Where to get: Newgrounds
  • Cost: Free
  • Love Interests: Five (male), two (female)
  • Endings: 9
  • First play through time: About 20 minutes
  • Time to get all endings: A little over an hour

The game has a narrator who is sentient, which means that events are described like “There is a bird on your head” versus “I felt a bird on my head.” It’s a bit jarring, but it’s easy to get used to.

The backgrounds look like watercolor paintings and are simple, but pretty. There are some CG’s in the game, such as during each ending, but they are black and white sketches. I thought they were pretty cute, though it was odd going from a full color screen to a black and white picture. The music is also pleasant, though it’s a bit loud.

My biggest disappointment is that the game starts off like you are going to be color-blind and have to work to get your color sight back, but it’s resolved in a few minutes without the player doing anything. The game introduces a magical bird, and the idea of magic, but hardly does anything with it. It was a missed opportunity.

Brooke is a pretty blank-slate protagonist, and this is amplified by there being a narrator. We don’t see Brooke’s thoughts, just what the narrator says they are. I felt very distant from her, and since I don’t self-insert, it bugged me.

All of the endings are really short and pretty abrupt. There isn’t any specified amounts of times before major events (like moving in together or something), so all the relationships feel rushed. This is a common problem with most sim-dates, though, so I can’t complain much. Minus the gag endings, the endings are all named after colors as a tie-back to the name of the game.

The game includes a table of contents feature that lets you skip to the start of people’s routes. It’s really handy for if you accidentally get one of the gag ends during a run for another ending. Speaking of which, there are two side-endings that are easy to accidentally get and they cut off whatever route you are doing. If you stay at home too much, you are forced into the gag endings, and it got frustrating since I arbitrarily stayed home and got the endings without even seeking them out. One of the endings is pretty entertaining at least.

The game has a few optional scenes that luckily, the creator says how to get. Even so, I could never get one to activate, so maybe it’s broken? Or I’m dumb. One or the other.

Onto the characters!


Ian an Noah are brothers who argue a lot. Ian is terrible with money and a trouble-maker. He makes bad decisions a lot, which causes people to get mad at him frequently. He also gets drunk a lot lol. Ian was okay, but he always felt like the butt of the joke rather than his own character, even when you started dating. He is a good guy though, he just sucks at decision making.


Noah is the more sensible twin who is tsundere. He is incredibly cold and distant, and you have to work to get him to even acknowledge you unless Ian is there (in which he warns you about Ian being a problem XD). Once the cold exterior is gone, he’s a good boi like most tsunderes.


Grigori is the store owner who initially asks you to help find the colorful bird and the feathers (if you choose to seek medical assistance in the prologue). Like Noah, he’s cold and distant. My biggest gripe with him is the age-gap is unclear. Clara, a young girl he is looking after, is the daughter of his older brother, and Clara looks to be at least 8 or so. So how old is Grigori? How old is Brooke for that matter? Barring the possibly large age-gap, Grigori is adorable. Once his shell is broken, he turns into a really sweet guy, and the way he asks you out just makes him super huggable (though it also implies that age-gap lol). I also found his ending to be the cutest.


Olivia owns the cafe in town. She has refined tastes in food, but can’t cook herself, though she’s trying to improve. That’s her character. She was the second blandest character in the game. There’s nothing wrong with her, she just has no personality other than being a decent person.


Rhys is the chef who also recently moved into town. He likes running and is super into making puns. So many puns. His pun-making is his primary trait, and a lot of his plot. He’s a really happy guy, and since I like puns, I wasn’t annoyed. He’s very much the super happy guy next door.


Yohann. Oh, Yohann. Yohann owns the book store and has no personality. He sells books. That’s it. You have to do something special to get on his route, and it also made it unrealistic cause the thing you have to do makes no sense why it’d make him like you, and he has no personality. I suppose he gets kind of nerdy-liking you, like, “you read books and are here and I feel something I don’t understand so let’s go out and see” sort of, but that’s not my type. Brooke also falls for him super quick, without even knowing his name. Overall, not my thing.



Vivien runs the bar and is a bit of a spitfire. Her route feels sort of like a rebound date. She just had a bad experience with a guy, so while I liked Vivien, it felt like she liked Brooke because she was there and available (and not male). I hate that it feels that way because Vivien was a spunky character. Vivien’s route also suffers because her first event only makes sense if you choose to stay in your house in the prologue. Really, seeking medical assistance, the other option, is more plot-relevant, and I think not picking it locks several routes, so it makes more sense to do it. I was confused when I did Vivien’s route since she acted like she invited me to the bar, but I hadn’t seen the event. It was an odd choice. I’d suggest playing the prologue twice to see both options. They are drastically different.

Play Order:

To save the most plot for later, I’d suggest Olivia/Rhys>Yohann>Noah/Ian>Vivien/Grigori.

Should you play?:

This was an enjoyable sim date. I wish the plot went deeper, and the characters weren’t too fleshed out, but most had distinctive personalities and backgrounds. I’d recommend it.

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