{Otome Review} The Somewhere Series: The Elevator~waffrus

You are in the elevator with your crush and want to talk to him in hopes that you can get into a relationship.

General Information:

  • Where to get: Newgrounds
  • Cost: Free
  • Love Interests: One (male)
  • Endings: 4
  • First play through time: About 1 minute
  • Time to get all endings: About 5 minutes

The Elevator is the first game in The Somewhere Series, comprised of game that all follow “The Blank” format. This game is really short and cute. The art has a sort of water-color feel to it, similar to other games created by waffrus.

The endings have CG’s that are sketches. In the two good endings, the game also does something cool with color that was a nice touch.


The game is written from a narrator perspective, so “you are in the elevator,” which annoys me generally as I don’t self-insert.

Since the game is so short, we don’t get any semblance of Ren’s personality, so I was rooting for them to go out just because why not. I wish it were even just a tiny bit longer so more of his personality showed. All we know is he really likes dinosaurs lol.

The MC’s name is Dani, though this is stated in later games.

Should you play?:

It’s an enjoyable game and only takes five minutes or less, so go play it.

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