{VN Review} The Somewhere Series: The Library~waffrus

Nora is the little sister of the MC from The Elevator and The Garden (whose name is Dani). She’s suspicious about her sister’s new boyfriend and tries to figure out what’s up with him.

General Information:

  • Where to get: Newgrounds
  • Cost: Free
  • Endings: 5
  • First play through time: About 2 minute
  • Time to get all endings: About 8 minutes

I started the series because they were otome games, but I wound up enjoying this game more than the previous two XD. Nora goes to the library to spy on Dani and Ren, and she’s adorable.

She doesn’t like her sister ignoring her for Ren, which is super realistic. It’s unclear how old Nora is, but she is learning how to read, so probably kindergarten or 1st grade.

The game is no longer from an unknown narrator’s perspective. Here, we get it from Nora’s POV, so it made me feel connected to her.

Nora’s disguise

Nora comes up with different hiding locations and different things to do while she’s waiting which all impact the endings. There is also a hard to get medal (the Newgrounds version of achievements) that took me way longer to solve than it should have.

Nora also has a disguise she can put on, and it’s the cutest thing.

Should you play?:

Definitely give it a go. You can enjoy this without playing the previous games, but I’d recommend playing the series in order.

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