{VN Review} The Somewhere Series: The Cafe~waffrus

Nora is spying on her older sister, Dani’s, date, but this time at a cafe.

General Information:

  • Where to get: Newgrounds
  • Cost: Free
  • Endings: 6
  • First play through time: About 2 minute
  • Time to get all endings: About 8 minutes

Wow, this was super fun. The game adds more interactions, so you get to find Nora’s spy gear she can bring along. I really liked how her spy gear impacted the endings.

Nora’s even cuter disguise

We get to learn more about Ren as he has more dialogue here. We don’t learn too much more than him liking dinosaurs still, but we get to hear more dialogue from him and he seems like a fine enough guy.

The true ending is sweet, and I think Nora has learned as much as she needs to about Ren. It was a really nice ending.

Nora’s disguise is even goofier this time, and she just looks adorable in it. The art has also improved even more, and now the ending CG’s are all in color and aren’t as sketch-like.

Should you play?:

Definitely go play it. As per usual, you should play the previous games first, but at least play The Library before this one.


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