A Little About Me in General:

I have been playing visual novels and other equivalents for years. I enjoy reading and watching reviews of games and movies so I figured that I would try my hand at writing some reviews myself. I am a 20+, Caucasian female, in the United States, currently in college. I collect old series books (Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys, etc.) and I primarily read middle-grade books when I’m not playing a visual novel of some kind. I really like Choose Your Own Adventure books, which I believe is a major reason why I enjoy visual novels so much. I attribute my pull toward otome games to be mainly because I have no social life, and that includes romance. I am an avid Nancy Drew fan and I have played all of the Nancy Drew video games. My favorite genre is the mystery genre.

I’m asexual, and sexual things can make me squicky. I still play 18+ games, but I don’t actively seek them out and if they’re intense, usually just click through the scenes super quickly. I also label all games that have sex mentioned as 18+ so people who are bothered by things of that nature are aware going in it has that.

Also I hate cooking. I will play otome games with cooking, and I have enjoyed otome games with cooking; I just hate cooking. Couldn’t find a place to put that, so…it’s here XD.

Tropes/Guys I like:

Since much of what I do is reviews, I feel it is important for people to know my preferences when it comes to guys and tropes and whatnot.

  • My favorite characters are Gadlfy characters. Guys who are flirty and try to provoke people for lols
    • Examples: Loki (Kamigami no Asobi), Itsuki (Norn9), Souji (Hakuouki)
  • I am a Diabolik Lovers fan <_<
    • Because of this, I adore Demento from Period Cube
    • You all get what that means about me
    • I’m not going to come out and say it
    • You all know
  • Detectives
  • Thieves
  • Assassins
  • The bad guys are almost always hotter in general

I am fully aware that others do not have the same views as me, especially about trash boys like the DL guys and Demento, so when a character like that comes up, I will state in the review that that is my type of thing and try to speak as objectively about it as possible.

Tropes/Guys I do not like:

  • OTP’s in game. Sometimes the OTP is my favorite, but I don’t like the concept. It devalues the other routes for me
  • Childhood friend routes. Sometimes I like them, but overall, I don’t like how the MC has this deep connection that I don’t get to see
  • Shota characters
  • Guys that act childish (I mean really childish, like “let’s have a tea party, than play hide and seek, and then climb a tree” etc.)
  • I’m not super fond of glasses. Sometimes they really work on a character, but more often than not I don’t like them
  • Dirty-dish-water colored hair. This is really specific, but I just hate this hair color. Balder from Kamigami no Asobi’s hair is the color I mean
  • Otome games where the good endings end badly. This can include the MC dying, the guy dying, everyone but those two dying, etc. I’m sorry, but that’s not a good ending XD

What I play:

I play a lot of otome games and visual novels of varying kinds. I have a basic policy of “I will play any otome game so long as it doesn’t have something in it that disturbs me.” I do actively search for mystery visual novels, and always like when an otome game has mystery elements to it.

Types of games/genres you can expect:

  • Otome games
    • Games with romance that I call otome games even when you might not consider them one
  • Visual novels
  • Adventure games (not many, but a few)
  • Escape room games (not many, but a few)
  • “Mystery” games
  • Games that have an archaeologist/Egyptian/Indiana Jones feel

What I Will Not Play:

As said above, I am willing to play most things. A game really has to hit some specific things for me to not play it.

Things that are a no-go for me:

  • Incredibly gore-ie things (like, someone holding someone’s intestine or something like that)
  • Intense torture (DL levels are okay, but Black Wolves Saga is possibly crossing the line for me)
  • I’m sure there are some kinks I don’t know about that would bother me, but those two are good starts

Otherwise, I’ll try most otome games. I have a flip-phone, so I cannot play mobile games. Due to that I will not be talking about them, but it is not for lack of wanting to.

How I Play:

  • I am a completionist in that I want all CG’s and achievements/unlockable things. However, I might not necessarily do all ending variations/bad endings if they do not unlock anything or they are barely different
  • Generally, I do not listen to voices in games (like, I don’t wait to move on for the voice clips to finish)
  • I have above average reading speed
    • Due to both of these things, my play time will most likely be shorter than that of the average player

How to Contact:

If you would like to contact me to review/play your game or for anything else, see my contact page here.

Projects I Have Been a Part of:

For otome/vn related projects I have been a part of, please see the projects page

Other Things I do:

I primarily write English trans-lyrics for songs and cover songs, most of which are Otome songs. Here are other places you can find me, not related to otome reviews:

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    1. Wow, thank you. I honestly did not think that anyone really read my reviews and unboxings. I have not heard of the liebster awards, after all, I am fairly new to WordPress. Thank you for the nomination. I hope to provide more reviews and things in the future. I will try to be a little quicker with putting them out.

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