Why don’t you talk about phone games?

I have a flip-phone, so….|D

Can you play “insert name here”?

Feel free to leave a comment with any requests or recommendations. I will try to check out as many as I can, but if the game is not free, or I just am no interested in it, then I may not. Please check out my contact me page for information on ways to contact me other than leaving a blog comment.

I made a game; can you play it?

Thank you for your interest! Most likely, I will play your game. Please check out my contact me page for information on how to contact me.

My game is just a demo right now; will you play it?

To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of playing demos. I’m so willing to play almost any VN, that playing a demo is like spoiling part of a game I’d likely play the full version of anyway. However, I’m also weak XD. So if you contact me about your game demo, I’ll most likely play it. I haven’t said no yet, especially since I like promoting indie developers.

Why is there a squicky meter?

A lot of indie games and flash games don’t give ratings, and I’ll be playing them and suddenly there’s NSFW content. As someone asexual, it really bothered me that they had no warnings as really sexual stuff can make me feel squicky. I like being prepared for it. Hence the squicky chart. I also count any game that references sex in any capacity as 18+.

I want to know more about you!

I doubt anyone actually is going to say that, but I cover my otome tastes, what games I will be playing, what things I won’t be playing, and similar questions, in my about page.

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