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{Rant} Problems with Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly {SPOILERS FOR WHOLE GAME}

A while back, I posted a rant about Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly on the Otome Games reddit. I looked back at the post again and realized that I was still sufficiently annoyed enough that I felt the need to talk about it here as well. Some of the stuff will be copied and pasted from that post since a lot of my complaints haven’t changed, but I’m going to make edits and add more thoughts.

As the title says, this has spoilers for the whole game.

I’m not kidding.

Stop reading if you haven’t finished the game or don’t mind everything being spoiled.

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{Discussion} Otome Bad Ending Traits: Just a Game Mechanic or Canon?

This is a discussion I have wanted to make for a while all after something a friend said, and I shall try to make it coherent, but I feel that things like this are best when I just write what I think, how I think it, without filters. So, my friend said that they view bad endings in visual novels as showing canon character traits (we were talking about otome games specifically at the time). Before, I tended to just dismiss bad endings more as a plot device or a game mechanic since otome games, especially games from big companies (IF, Rejet, etc.), all seem to have bad endings in every game they release. I specify since I have played indie/Western otome games without bad endings.

Anyway, my first thought were endings where the guy becomes yandere. Sometimes the guy shows signs of this before the bad ending, and others not. My friend made the point that they worry that that sudden yandere-ness (that’s now a term lol) was a hidden trait, meaning that even in the “best ending” that if the MC made the guy mad or he was triggered right, he could go into yandere mode even though there were no signs of it outside of the bad ending. As someone who loves happy endings, this thought alarmed me. It alarmed me a lot more than it probably should have to be honest.

Most of the examples I’m using are people randomly becoming yandere because those are ones I can think up off the top of my head, but note that this discussion applies to any drastic change in a character in a bad ending, so suddenly murderous, suddenly suicidal, etc.

No, I’m not going to list specific names because I don’t want to spoil people to a random assortment of games, but I will vaguely describe situations from games to supplement the discussion.

Case One: Sweet Guy Becomes a Paranoid Yandere

In one game, the MC and her man run away together, but they are being followed. So he, who was normally super bubbly, nice, and always the most cheerful person, became incredibly paranoid. This paranoia led him to lock the MC up in a house with him, and led him to kill others who came to just casually talk to them because he was worried everyone was going to try to split them apart.

Case Two: I’m Okay With Your Yandere-ness Now for Some Reason

In one game, the MC is drugged by a guy and then he and his roommate agree to treat her like a doll. The guy who drugged her had yandere tendencies the whole game, but the roommate did not.

Case Three: I’ll Murder Everyone

In one game, the guy and girl are in an alternate dimension? along with others, so the guy decides to kill everyone so they can be together. Before, he was depressed and sad over the death of his friends, so now killing others is okay, I guess.

This trend of seemingly random character changes doesn’t end with otome guys. The MCs do this too, though not nearly as often. I can only really think of one game where this happened that I’ve played.

Case Four: We’ll be Together Forever

In one game, the MC kills everyone and her man is her faithful servant/lover, but before, she was a naive MC who didn’t even know how to use her own powers.

Case Five: We’ll be Together Forever Part Two

In that same game, another ending the MC leads to everyone’s death except her man and then they live in an alternate dimension? where the only other people are fake versions of who they used to be that the MC created.

Canon or Game Mechanic?

In all of the cases listed above, the characters who had a dramatic personality shift didn’t show any signs of this shift before the bad ending. My happy-ending-loving self still wants to think that these are all just game mechanics or plot devices where the creators needed to think of a bad ending. Making someone have a personality shift is a great way to do that since that means you could basically have them do anything without any limitations. It opens up all possibilities.

However, I see my friend’s point. If the girl and the guy are together, and some bad situation comes up where either one thinks that their partner is at risk, who is to say that they might not burst into yandere-ness eventually? Again, this discussion accidentally turned into “sudden bursts of yandere-ness”, but this applies to any drastic character shift.

I’m curious to hear everyone’s thoughts on this is. Do you think that bad endings aren’t canon? Do you think they are? If you think bad endings aren’t canon, could the personality traits shown in them still potentially apply to “better” endings? Any other thoughts? Is this how one makes a discussion post? Help?

‘Otome/VN Blog’ Survey Results

A bit ago, I released a survey on the Otome Reddit and three otome-centric Discord servers. The survey’s goal was to see what people expect, want to see, and don’t want to see, on otome/vn focused blogs. Due to my allowing people to input their own answers on a lot of the questions, this blog post is going to be giant and not every result will be in a nice graph.

The survey ran for one week and had 72 respondents. Not all questions were required, but questions with 72 respondents means that the question was required. Due to a lot of these results involving tally’s and referencing numbers in graphs, I am going to be using numbers (2) rather than spelling them out (two) in order to coincide better with the graphs themselves. I also didn’t censor what people said (other than one instance I will describe below), so a few people said cuss words. I felt I should mention it since I do not personally cuss on this blog, so you may not have expected cuss words to be included in this post.

With that, onto the results!

This question was set up in a scale of 1-7, ‘rarely’ to ‘super often’. With this, we can see that most people tend to read otome/vn blogs what they consider a ‘middle-ground’ amount of time. Not too often, but not rarely either. Since 7 can’t be divided in half equally, people most likely took 4 as an average and 5 as a little bit above average. Even so, a good chunk of respondents say they are just one step up from ‘rarely’ at 2.
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