{Game Review} Fossil Fighters

Yes, Fossil Fighters. At first glance, once might assume that this game is the equivalent of taking Pokémon + Spectrobes + Dinosaurs. That is almost accurate, but Fossil Fighters does have some unique aspects to it.

The game starts out with the player being asked a series of questions. Unfortunately, this game suffers from Kingdom Hearts Syndrome . The questions at the beginning of the game determine what outfit your character wears for the rest of the game as well as the Vivosaur you receive a piece of near the beginning of the game. You do not start out with this Vivosaur, every player starts with the same Vivosaur and to my knowledge, you can get every Vivosaur in the game regardless of what choice you make in the beginning. Basically, pick what color outfit you want and forget about what Vivosaur you get.

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