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I’m a big fan of buying physical CD’s, so I have developed a good assortment of otome/anime CD’s, as well as other CD’s where the lyrics do not seem to be online/the lyrics online are inaccurate*. These are all of the series/CD’s that I have scanned the lyrics of. Feel free to ask if I have a CD you want scanned. I don’t plan on scanning CD’s that I have seen scans of online already unless specifically asked.

Feel free to use the scans to translate songs, cover the songs, etc. Please do not save the image and upload it then claim you scanned it. Crediting me as having scanned them/linking to me is appreciated.

Click on an arrow to shows scans for that CD, and click on the image to open up a giant version in a new tab. If you use the Edge browser, the arrows won’t work and all the images will just show up at once. Sorry!

*I cross-post these on my lyrics blog and sometimes my tumblr, so if you see these scans somewhere else posted by a sonic-nancy-fan, it’s me.

Otome Game Lyrics

Beastmaster and Prince

Beastmaster and Prince Character Song CD

Flame of Justice

Silver mile the way | 約束のReunion

Break the chain | 薄紅の誓い

Hello again | Eternal Flower

Black Wolves Saga

Dear Despair CD

Dear Despair {Japanese} | TESTAMENT {Japanese}

TESTAMENT {English} |希望-nameless diva ver.-

Tears CD

Tears | 堕罪 in [DaSein]

堕罪 in [DaSein] -English ver.- | 追憶 -nameless dive ver.-

Cheritz Lyrics

Dandelion ~Wishes Brought to You~ OP/ED

Cheritz has not released lyrics for ‘ra rochu ra no so/In a Frozen Time’.
It should be noted that the officially released lyrics of If I Could do not include the last verse.

Yet, I Can’t Stay | Wishes Brought to You

Nameless ~The One Thing You Must Recall~ OP/ED

If I Could

What’s your Name?

What’s Your Name Classic Version

Nameless ~The One Thing You Must Recall~ Character Songs

My Song I Send to You~Yeonho and Lance

Happy Love Song~Red and Tei

Marionet~Yuri and Yujin

Mystic Messenger

Mysterious Messenger

Like the Sun in the Sky

Light and Daffodils

Four Seasons


Code: Realize

Code: Realize Original Character Song CD’s

Shall We Dance?~Arsène Lupin

Endless pain~Abraham Van Helsing

優しい予感 -in the morning rays-~Victor Frankenstein

Trip to the moon~Impey Barbicane

運命の旅人~Saint Germain

Eikoku Tantei Mysteria

Eikoku Tantei Mysteria Soundtrack: Mysterious Symphony CD

レディ・ミステリア | ハニー・ノスタルジア

Lyrics Comments

Lyric Comments

Eikoku Tantei Mysteria The Crown Mini Album: The Music Crown CD

夜霧マスカレード | ピカデリィ・ジュエル

来世紀の流星群 | Lyric Comments

Lyric Comments

Eikoku Tantei Mysteria Character Song CD’s

時限迷宮~Holmes Jr.

時限迷宮 Comments

最大風速センチメント~Watson Jr.

最大風速センチメント Comments


三日月テラスのエトランゼ Comments

おやすみメランコリア~Jack the Ripper

おやすみメランコリア Comments

おませな☆レディ☆カスタード~Miss Hudson

おませな☆レディ☆カスタード Comments

踊れムーラン・ルージュ~Lupin Jr.

踊れムーラン・ルージュ Comments

ビスケット&ハニー&ホリデイ~Seiji Kobayashi

ビスケット&ハニー&ホリデイ Comments

螺鈿のラファーガ~Kenichirou Asahi

螺鈿のラファーガ Comments


お出かけには傘をお忘れなく Comments


おはようリトル・ベリー Comments

Kamigami no Asobi

Kamigami no Asobi Anime OP/ED

Till the End

Reason for…

Kamigami no Asobi Shinkyokushu Original Character Songs

光の中 | 絶えない祈り

ひとひら | 誓い

I bless you | Liar

Tip Tap | Judgment

Kamigami no Asobi Shinkyokushu Anime Character Songs

Bubble Shine | I MISS YOU

SIGN | You’re the one

HOLIC | Round and Round

Kamigami no Asobi InFinite Shinkyokushu Nijyushou Infinite Character Songs

紳士同盟 -who need you?-

万華鏡 -Do You Know?-

Give me your heart -迷える子羊-

Voices -ヒミツの愛言葉-

Quinrose Lyrics

Alice in deep Sea CD

-Interlude- Deep Sea | 底なしの世界

賛美 | あなたに花を

赤の世界 | W.Liar

Reminiscences -Alt LyricsⅡ- | -Interlude- Water Night

Popular Lover

Black Anniversary CD

Wonderful Wonder World ~joker~

くるくる回る | 知らない街とトランクの中身 | Stray Child

幕間に劇薬 | Wonderful Wonder World ~Anniversary~ | サンシャイン

不思議なことに | 潤す一滴 | Wonderful Wonder World ~St.VD Mix~(Alt Lyrics)

Song of Love ~St.VD Mix~ | Day in Day Out ~St.VD Mix~

Present of Valentine CD

Wonderful Wonder World ~St.VD mix~ (Alt Lyrics) | Song of Love ~St.VD mix~

Day in day out ~St.VD mix~



Amusement park | ライバルに告ぐ

脆く醜く、尊く。 | ハロウィンの街

My Sweetest Island CD

Sweet Sky

Wand of Fortune

Wand of Fortune Character Song CD

My Little Girl

魔法ノコトバ | OASIS

Blazing Guy | Joker

誓ノ闇 | ウラハラ協奏曲 (ラプソディ)


Zettai Meikyuu Himitsu no Oyayubi-hime

Zettai Meikyuu Himitsu no Oyayubi-hime Character Songs


エメラルドスカイ Comments

Other Japanese Lyrics


暁のカルマ CD

暁のカルマ | Aria

Saki Masato

Toy CD

Toy! Toy! Toy!


GAME | イッツショータイム!


French Lyrics

Mistinguett, reine des années folles

Mistinguett, reine des années folles CD

Mon homme | Dingue des années folles

Oser les larmes | Paradis illico

Con-vain-cu | Valse la chance

Drôle mambo | C’est vrai

L’homme infâme | Le weul vrai boss ici-bas

Je cherche un millionnaire | La valse renversée

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